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You seem very bitter, and add things to the story that never happened. I was in danger of losing my job 2 weeks ago. I didn't know how I was going to get by, my life flashed before my eyes, I would have no place to live, no food, etc. Seeing other people in similar situations now, I have a different perspective.

I didn't take her to my work, I go to work, she comes along because she wanted to go shopping across the street at the mall.

I never creeped on her, I called her when I got off work to let her know...I called her this morning to see wtf is going on.

She was so happy that I offered that she could move in, and was so relieved.

She's a human being like the rest of us, she has feelings, emotions, and should be treated with respect, if anything I'll put all her shit in the closet, and if she comes to get it, it will be here.

I believe you are confusing bitter with normal, sane, balanced and respectful. Allow me to bullet this out for you...

1. You were so desperate for female company on your cold rainy night that you first tried to pickup a woman for the night from craigslist. When that failed, you stooped even lower to an escort service.

2. An escort (prostitute) arrived just in time for you to please her sexually, but not before taking the noble high road by stopping yourself from finishing and nestling in for some good 'ol cuddling.

3. You invited this strange prostitute who you just paid to have sex with to move in with you.She agrees, and you take her to get her things and actually move her into your house.

4. Next you go to work, taking her along so that she now knows everything about your life. Where you live, where you work and that you're rather cuddle than fuck.

5. When your new live in love doesnt' show up after your shift, you place your first of 5 calls to her (includes texts). As she continues to ignore your apparent desperate, and creeper behavior you transform into a bigger creep by continuing to worry and call a prostitute that you fell in love with and moved into your house hours earlier.

Nothing about any of your behavior is normal. Its about as far off the deep end as I can fathom. This has little to do with human empathy on your part, spare the me spiel about you almost losing your job and feeling terrible for a prostitute. This has everything to do with your insecurities, and desperate need for female attention. You created this thread so I want to help, and by helping I'm putting your faults right in your face. Perhaps if someone else did this for you already you wouldn't be subjecting yourself to this kind of lowly self disrespect. You creeped about as hard as I've ever seen it, you fell in love with a prostitute and moved her in hours later (literally).

You need serious help, perhaps seeing a professional Dr may provide you with better results. However often times I help people be being the face of reason and truth (the best I can), and sometimes people need a wake up call in order to put things into perspective.

This hooker love interest of yours walked out on you, and do you know why? Because you're a desperate creep who moves hookers in with him after spooning. I wish you the best in life, I really do. I hope you have some kind of means to straighten out your priorities and daily life choices in order to lead a healthier and happier life.

But do not mistake my criticism for bitterness, I am telling you what you need to hear... regardless if you agree.
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