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Central California Valley, Cheap:

219 E Main St, Visalia, CA
-Awesome selection of microbrewed beers, and a chili-in-a-sourdough-breadbowl that can't be beat! I highly recommend their Sequoia Red and their IPA. They also make some great homeade Orange Cream Soda, if you or your companions don't drink alcohol. Top it off with live music and a great atmosphere, and you end up with a damned good dinner + fine home-brewed beers for < $25.

Tokyo Garden
3320 S Fairway St, Visalia, CA
-Good sushi, good people, good habachi chefs, and just a real nice place. The restauraunt looks kind of bland on the outside, but the interior is well designed and comfortable. There's a large eating room with a bar, multiple booths, and habachi grills, but there's a second 'new' bar in the middle and also a bunch of private dinner rooms, all with widescreen LCDs. You pay around $25 per person, and it's more than worth that.

Jasper's Saloon
E D St , Lemoore, CA
-Surprisingly good restauraunt, bar & grill, for such a small town. Good american-style foods, and a good all-you-can-eat soup & salad bar. But it's also cheap! Dinner's cost can range from $10-20 (more if you get steaks, of course), plus the cost of a beer or two.
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