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get 850 pro instead of 850 evo, it's a bit faster and doesnt cost much more right now. make sure the mobo supports at least 32gb of ram. 8 is just enough right now, but you're going to need to upgrade pretty soon. might want to just put in 16 to begin with.

otherwise looks good, how much is your total $$? I was going to buy a new computer because mine is 8 years old and getting slow but I decided for now to just upgrade to an SSD and got the 850 pro, and added some USB 3.0 ports. i mean most of the bottleneck i've seen is iowait especially during swapping, so an ssd should help, but my ancient mobo is already maxxed out at 4gb of ram so sadly it's gonna have to swap sometimes.

Ok, there's a little backstory, involved with a couple of those questions.

First, the cost was about $1455

Here's the entire list of crap from newegg;

I haven't built a desktop since I was about 20. I got a CDL, and its hard to drag a tower (well not really but power is an issue)all over god's creation when you're driving a truck for a living. As such I've been feeding Dell/HP/insert shit brand here $1000 every other year or so for a laptop.

Finally got out of that (driving and buying computers), after about 10 years, so I had no idea what the hell the OEM market is like anymore. So, I marched on down to the local computer shop (milwaukee pc) and handed the guy a piece of paper with the fallout 4 requirements on it, and said build me something that can run this.

He clicked around on the computer for awhile and handed me a quote for an I5 with a 1tb hard drive, a 24x burner 8 gigs of ram a 500w psu and some tower that had the word sniper in it with a GTX 750 for about $1400.

That gave me a price and hardware starting point, so the next thing I did was go to newegg and see what I could put together myself for about the same price.

As you can see, a lot more machine.

Anyway, the reason for maxxing out the ram was because the motherboard has an interesting ramdisk feature that I really wanted to play around with, and I could fit it into the budget. The running temp of the i7 was an oversight, to be honest, but it was already bought, so I'm gonna have to snag an aftermarket HSF, but that's not a big issue.
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