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Contrary to my previous title I never fucked Inf's mother
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Maybe we should make it real.

Poly Sci fags. How do you do a Real write in candidate for President? How do you insure that the scum on the left and the right cant invalidate it because we have eurofags and kangaroo fuckers helping?

fuck off dumbho I have only had three beers, get a life

Sanjay for minister of the interior(many womens interiors)

Of course it does not Have to be Walken. How is Dirty Harry doing?

We just need to pick someone who is not sucking Castro dick like Danny Glover.
There is nothing to worry about. Legions of wise people with nothing but all of best interests at heart are ensuring our future of love and infinite bliss. Go watch TV :Bflaps
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tell me i is retarded and i will just potato
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Eh :hmm:

You'd be better off trying one of michael jacksons brothers.
Make Genmay Great Again
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Watch Toomer burn those cowboys. How bout them cowboys?
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I'm gonna assume this thread was made about 17 bottles deep into a 24 pack.
Rapid-fire double bass of the GenMay dru[M]mers collective

Syndrome of a Downs- drums/songwriter
\_.--Bumfuck Egypt
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Originally Posted by joemama View Post
I'm gonna assume this thread was made about 17 bottles deep into a 24 pack.

He said three beers. He just failed to mention those beers were in 2 liter bottles.
I lack boobs and have a penis
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