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Originally Posted by Tex Arcana View Post
Your momma's so fat, I had to roll her in flour and look for the wet spot.

You're so old, you lost your virginity to a stegosaurus.
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Tex Arcana
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Originally Posted by gribly View Post
You're so old, you lost your virginity to a stegosaurus.

Hell if: I'm so old, the stegosaurus lost it's virginity to ME; not only that, but I banged her mother, too, and I had to roll the bitch in flour and look for the wet spot!
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tell me i is retarded and i will just potato
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Originally Posted by Fiah View Post
What I meant is: doesn't it consume a lot more fuel than competing tanks (equal power/weight) that use Diesel-cycle engines?

Thay have pretty decent range. The m1 abrams that is. 42 MPH on road, 30 MPH off road and 260 miles range average.

The Abrams receives a lot of acclaim but has only served in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq never really seeing any serious/skilled opposition afaik.

It's actually an old design from the 70s, and chrysler made it in contract with GE for the electrics. It's basically a version of the tank US designed with germany "MBT-70" (this is actually the tank that goes 52 mph by design) - it didn't make it due to budget problems but afterwards the germans went off to do their own thing (Leopard II, a better tank really, uses a v12) and US took the lessons from the germans and the russian t62 and made the Abrams.

Fun fact: russian t80 also used a turbine, but they went back to a v12 on the t95, their current MBT (main battle tank)

^ a very interesting read if you guys have a few hours, I skimmed basically every country's tanks... The russian t95 and german Leopard 2 are a toss up for best imho, while the abrams comes in a close second. It's a good tank, just not the end-all that people make it out to be.

Shit i just watched a show about tanks, the Israelis think their chariot is the best tank in the world. Depends who you ask

Ps. speed on tanks is nice but if you can never get close enough to the enemy before they hit you it's pointless. There's the armor, the gun, the aim stabilizers and all that stuff that honestly comes first. Russian T34s were lighter and faster than German tigers (medium vs heavy) but if the tiger sat on a hill with a good view it was almost impossible for t34s to get close enough to do damage as the tiger would just pick them off from outside their firing range. The good news is the reload on tanks is pretty shitty so thats where speed comes in! He fires, you close in. The game World Of Tanks offers some decent simulation of these mechanics.
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