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Originally Posted by Zangmonkey View Post
Perhaps you can point me towards the US openly calling for the obliteration of an entire race or brutally killing their own people en masse in the streets over a political demonstration
They probably would have killed all the jews in their own country if that were actually the case and not just propaganda equating being anti Israel/zionism with being pro genocide

I'm not defending the Iranian government at all (which is despicable and should be destroyed) so I won't bother defending their treatment of their own people.

Originally Posted by Zangmonkey View Post
or supporting maruaders in other nations solely to promote genocide?
The US has a pretty long history of supporting genocides as long as the guy in charge is pro-US including Saddam against Iran, who was basically an Arab supremacist.

The US government is just as despicable as the Iranian government, it just has a much larger reach and does most of its really dirty business outside its own borders. Whats most important is stopping the imperialist wars of the US since they have had a much larger impact on the world than anything Iran has ever done.
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