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GenMay's History

since i made this for the other thread i figured i might as well circulate it to those who keep asking...

1. GenMay was a subsection on [H] forums

2. In July of 2002, Kyle announced he would be closing it forever

3. His reason was that genmay was like having guests over for a party. He was left to clean up shit.

4. The backstory was that his forums kept crashing and many of us kept offering advice and money which he refused.

5. July 4th, 2002 FLECOM with the help of aolhater set up genmay was feeble.

6. aolhater solicited M|22 for hosting and the two formed an unstoppable duo that launched owned

7. I had recently been addicted to [H]'s genmay during a summer lul in business. When this place opened I offered my adult supervision to the Bone Closet as a mod. I got the job.

8. There were three camps here after the exodus: the wannabes, the rebels, and the new school. M|22 was new school, clickfortysix was a bit angsty rebel, james crivellone and FLECOM were wannabe, and aolhater was just angry. There was also an admin called TheTitan who wanted to be a star...he was a wannabe.

9. FLECOM and the wannabe's kept clashing with M|22's new school laissez faire approach to moderation. I admired from afar.
10. M|22 and aolhater did all the work and FLECOM just showed up like the Queen of England to bask in the glory and talk about the coolness of [H]

11. FLECOM and M|22 kept bickering and I offered to buy them both out and maintain genmay as a neutral unbiased place. M|22 took $500 because he knew that I would cut him in as a partner on anything since he was the jockey I wanted to ride this baby. FLECOM took $800.

12. I left M|22 in charge of the moderators, admins, and all major forum functions. I am like a drunk uncle who bought into a bar so he can bring his friends there.

13. After we left [H], Kyle decided that he didn't like us anymore even though we tried to be respectful. He snubbed M|22's offer of help on vbulletin and I removed my finger from the dyke and waived all protection for [H] as I had been offering out of respect. There was now a schism.

14. In 2004 we will launch a front page in order to capitalize on our status as the fastest growing vbulletin forum of all time. We explored becoming a non-profit but the paperwork and board requirements are onerous. M|22 has moved to SoCal so him and I will make plans for our future in early 2004.

15. M|22 is the drunken wizard. aolhater is the young warrior. why_ask_why is the mischief maker, and I try to be the host to all of you. My commitment is to not tire of our guests and end the party because of frustration.

This is the answers, not the FAQ. Take heed and spread the word.
give love, get love.
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Originally posted by M|22
give love, get love.
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you forgot when Qtip42 became the 666th person.
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music sounds better off alone with you in a sandstorm - david oliver

Empress Dowager of the Asian Crew

deathbychocolate of Team OWK
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from other thread
[QUOTE=twheatley]it is a 32 degree kink, i measured it with a protractor.[/QUOTE]

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I can't stand being raped so I get my genmay buds to change my names back
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Originally posted by M|22
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D.R.E.W. is the worst [M]ember. He is M|22's sex slave
hail, father of genmay
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I can't stand being raped so I get my genmay buds to change my names back
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Get That Black Pussy You Big Dick White Bastard Mutha Fucka
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The ghey was strong
Something was wrong
That fateful July day

Omens appeared
The worst we feared
We huddled down in the [M]ay

But Old Bannit, you see
He cackled with glee
And burned down our place to play

No More! he said
GenMay is dead!
And we were left but to pray

That we'd look and we'd roam
And we'd find a new home
A comfortable place to stay

It didn't take long
For the forces were strong
We sent out the scouts to survey

Fertile ground for [M] to renew
with Sanjay and Mr. 2
They were wise not to delay

For a new [M] was built
Twas a true patchwork quilt
No more did we have to dismay

As the time flies by
We'll hold the [M] up high
And hopefully remember to say

That what rose from the ash
To which we all dashed
And donated our cash
Is greater than ever
And we shall never sever
The ties that bind us together
Instead of spending our time to mourn
Our spirits so tattered and torn
A great new family was born...

That fateful July day.
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i just got off work, long day
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Originally posted by homer1300
from other thread
some small edits....but i felt that this was better than page 4 material.
give love, get love.
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Isnt there supposed to be an 'O' in 'country'? Nope
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wait...a front page?

with what???

genmay has no content
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interesting read sanjay. thanks from us all who weren't there from the beginning
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then I joined and rocked ass
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