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J Mel
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DFW or Houston Area - Service King?

Insurance finally accepted liability on wrecking my Fusion - now its time to find a place to get it fixed.

My first thought was taking it to a Ford Dealership - there is one in Grapevine that 2 people have recommended to me. I've also had two people recommend Service King.

Any of you DFW or Houston area (where they seem to be located) Genmayers have any experience with Service King?

I'm already pissed that my car now has less value - but i'm especially worried that its never going to be the same (already accepted that its not). I'm more worried about matching paint and panels. Everything lining up properly, the red metallic paint matching, and not fading after a year and a half.

Any insight or suggestions?
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I know here if you don't feel that the repairs are adequate, you can have it done again the right way on the insurances dime. My uncle was rear ended in his Silverado a few years ago and it pushed the bed up into the back of the cab causing damage to the paint. They straightened everything out, but did a crappy job repairing the paint, probably thinking no one could see it. Well he did and he took it to another place which repaired that and some other shit that the first place did a half assed job on.

I know it's a pain in the ass and everyone would like it done right the first time, but if it isn't you may have the option of getting it fixed until it's right. It would be a pretty big inconvenience though.

How bad was the damage?
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Where in DFW are you? If you're close to Addison I would recommend Details LTD. I've had my car repaired there twice, and they did a great job both times.
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