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lonedawg's Avatar
Bobby Kotick wants to sell you cutscenes like movies.

zard Entertainment's games are renowned for their strikingly cinematic cutscenes. It's a reputation that parent company Activision is looking to capitalize on, as evidenced by comments CEO Bobby Kotick made in a presentation today at Bank of America Merrill Lynch's Media, Communications, and Entertainment Conference.

"I oughta be in pictures?"

In talking about Blizzard's latest hit, the 3 million-selling Starcraft II, Kotick noted that there was more than an hour of prerendered and in-game cutscenes in the real-time strategy title.

"If we were to go to our audience and say we have this great hour-and-a-half of linear video that we would like to make available to you at a $30 price point or $20 price point, you'd have the biggest opening weekend of any film ever," Kotick said. "Within the next five years, you are likely to see us do that. Now that may be in partnership with somebody; it may be alone. But there will be a time when we capitalize on the relationship that we have with our audience."

Kotick said that Activision could do better than a traditional video company with such a product because "we have their credit card information and we have a direct relationship" with them, meaning the company could bypass the expenses of standard distribution methods. What's more, given the loyalty of the company's enthusiast consumer base, he believes "an extremely high percentage" would be willing to then go to a theater and see the same film.

This isn't the first time a publisher has embraced that idea. In 2001, Sega launched a limited Japanese theatrical run of Shenmue cut together from various parts of the Dreamcast original. The movie was later included with the Xbox version of Shenmue II. The following year, Blizzard itself released a three-DVD set featuring the cinematics from Starcraft, Starcraft: Brood War, Diablo II, and Warcraft III, as well as director's commentary and cinematics. The company continues to offer similar DVDs for Starcraft and World of Warcraft at a $10 price point, although many users have stitched together their own movies from the games' cutscenes on YouTube.

More nickel and diming your customers, and this is what "we" want apparently.

If they mean to take cutscenes from a game, package it as a "movie" then sell them to you, they can fuck off.

Most game cutscenes don't even stand as a movie on their own, without the gameplay and things within
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Codesage's Avatar
I see nothing in the post that even suggests "nickel and diming". They're not taking anything away, or charging extra for something that you should already be getting for free. All they're doing is taking the videos from popular games, and cutting them together into a movie, to be sold as a seperate, completely optional product.

It's not like you have to go spend $40 to buy a game, and then go spend another 20-30 to get the videos to go with it.
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Talk To Strangers.

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"What's more, given the loyalty of the company's enthusiast consumer base, he believes..."

It's funny, my loyalty and enthusiasm drain away every time this turd opens his mouth
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sir tex
sir tex's Avatar
He's a fucking idiot.
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Since I continuously bitch when The Queen posts, she is my new av.
growler's Avatar
stiler complaining about something?

he's saying that games won't have them any more he just thinks people would be willing to buy a dvd or something of all the cutscenes from a game

and he's right people over the years have been saying blizzard should be making a movie out of their cgi
Old 09-16-2010, 06:25 PM growler is offline  
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I'll just load up a save point or go to youtube if I want to re-watch a certain cutscene.
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Electrikfuzz050's Avatar
Originally Posted by Trim- View Post


Seriously, 30 bucks to view an hour and a half of video?

Hollywood productions which cost exponentially more to make are like 8-10$ at most theaters for a ticket and generally run longer than an hour and a half.

The sad thing is companies like this will still continue to have people eating shit like this up (you know who I'm talking about, there's a few of them that post here).

10 bucks more for a book and cd of concept art that you probably aren't going to look at?
20 bucks more to unlock a feature in multiplayer earlier than other customers that bought the regular version of the game? (this pisses me off more than anything. anytime I see a gamestop commercial that advertises extra content for preordering the game, I get an overwhelming urge to drive 4 blocks and firebomb their nearest location).
40 bucks more for a cheap plastic toy that isn't worth more than 5?

As long as people keep paying for this shit, they'll continue to produce it. This goes for 80% of games produced by Activision and EA. Mediocre games that people end up buying and either playing once or forcing themselves to complete because more money was spent on the marketing campaign than on the development of the product.

I'm glad I gave up on console gaming a long time ago.
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Mario raped Peach in her fuzzy spot while twisting and twirling his mustache sexylike
chuckybob's Avatar
ITT we organize a boycott
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Killer_B's Avatar
I don't even think that anybody realizes that Kotick is a superb troll.
Gen[M]ay. Who needs members? We have mods.

Founding [M]ember of the GENTLY CARESS EA Club.

Then the network comes back up. And then down again. Up... and down. It keeps going down like a Clinton intern.
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Waiting for that fateful day of bannage, c'mon Kyle be a man and push the button you big fairy.
Does this mean I can get my video game without 12 hours worth of annoying cutscene?

Sure back when FMV was new, cutscenes were fun. They offered you a movie-like experience in little doses. I think shit is getting out of hand these days. I buy games to play them, not to watch a movie or read a novella.
Old 09-16-2010, 11:46 PM Liquid_Table is offline  
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teh scud
teh scud's Avatar
He's probably right people pay for the stupidest shit
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Exhibit's Avatar
Looks like I'll be watching my cut scenes on youtube.
Signatures are dumb...I have mine turned off
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DHermit's Avatar
So one person will buy it and we'll all torrent it, that's pretty much what will happen.
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theNoid's Avatar
As much as I would love CG quality movies for Blizzard games, Bobby can suck a cock.
Old 09-17-2010, 10:48 AM theNoid is offline  
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