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Someone do me! I started to but it's way too time consuming. here are a couple of reference photos.
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rawr, i'll just post my pic in this thread:

Originally Posted by miasman1
Now if Ikea made the Jerker in a solid-wood version, i want one.

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Originally Posted by sabrina
Someone do me!

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Originally Posted by Minocin
i'm so out of it... that had to be pointed out for me to notice it...

fake edit:
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Lengendary thread....will do some chops on monday when i get back to campus.
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malamute face
Long time. Me lobe yoy long time.
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holy shit i'm scared
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Originally Posted by bluechip
Do me!

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Infested Cats
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Do me, zombie-style.
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Thanks, that's
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fuck hampshire
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Originally Posted by Λpsalus
I feel a bout of necrophilia coming on.


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Originally Posted by Master-B
ill cover you

My girl's got your back. KILL TEH ZOMBIEZ!!!!!
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This thread gave me goosebumps
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ho raso il mio penis fuori per diventare una ragazza piccola.
i'm going to try my own, any tips from chop-masters on how to do a nice looking zombie?

just general tips, i'm pretty well versed in photoshop, just never done anything of this type
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Originally Posted by Cheez-It
i'm going to try my own, any tips from chop-masters on how to do a nice looking zombie?

just general tips, i'm pretty well versed in photoshop, just never done anything of this type
I think there was a nice tutorial at I probably stole all my ideas from there. And rusty, flaky metal textures can make good zombified skin.
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