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Originally Posted by Millions View Post
Where are all these 12 year old smokers is what I want to know. I never see kids smoking cigarettes anymore. Pot is the new tobacco...and Smirinoff / Hard Lemonade etc., is the new beer.

I suppose that's next on the list...sweetened alcoholic beverages...and then 30 years down the line they'll take Captain Crunch off the market because it's killing people...then they'll ban white sugar all together and we'll have to endure an unflavored existence filled with rice cakes and sugar free oatmeal cookies.

Ugh, I hope I'm dead by then.

In America they first came for the flavored tobacco,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a smoker.

Then they came for the flavored alchohol,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a drinker.

Then they came for Captain Crunch,
and if they come for mine they're getting a boot up the ass.
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Originally Posted by Jack Fickleson View Post
People need to find reasons to bitch and moan.

"Wah, wah, they won't let us hurt ourselves! What next, outlaw barbed wire wrestling matches?"

I don't care to inhale your secondhand smoke. Be thankful this is just a ban. I'd have preferred they allow citizens to physically assault public smoke belchers, myself.

Or is this just another needless excuse for whites to scream "oppression!" from Obama? Live with it. You oppressed blacks for 300 years, then complain when they get even a LITTELE bit of power. Whites have been the cause of most of the world's problems, with Muslims secondary. But it's always "blacks and Jews!" that get the blame.

You had your chance with Ron Paul and you fucking blew it, like you blow your pet dogs. Millions of suppsoed supporters but only a few thousand voted for him. Guess that's what happens when you apeal to conspiracy tinfoil nuts, Stormfront members and others who are unwilling to leave their homes.
Idiots like you need to be shot.
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Originally Posted by kudos View Post
Does this mean my girlfriend cant use grape flavored cigarillos when she rolls my blunts?

oh man... I didn't even THINK about my strawberry mini dutches. What the FUCK am I gunna do now?!
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