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best ways to keep apples/pears crisp?

what's the best way to keep apples or (especially) pears, crisp and crunchy?

if you have one of those bins in your fridge with a manual humidity slider, where should you set it? or does it ever make sense to seal the pears in a zip-lock (air tight)?
Old 03-25-2009, 05:49 PM afxacid is offline  
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Mr.Coffea's Avatar
I'm assuming you mean a *crisper*
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-Mr Coffea-
Old 03-25-2009, 09:15 PM Mr.Coffea is offline  
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i think you just gotta buy less more often and eat them fresh. :|
Old 03-25-2009, 09:23 PM coalesce is offline  
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i prefer soft pears... hard pears fucking suck.
Old 03-26-2009, 10:58 AM goatrape is offline  
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