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Europe travel suggestions

So myself and 1-3 friends are thinking about visiting Europe in about 6-7 months. The duration of the trip will be about 20 days. I'd like to keep the cost at or around $2.5k (damn you conversion rate).

Places we want to see are:
and possibly a few others.

Now obviously seeing all of these places in the time/money allotted isn't really going to be possible. So, my question is what places do you recommend we definitely see and what places aren't worth seeing in the time allowed? Feel free to add any places that aren't on the list and say why you added it. We'd like to spend 2-3 days in each place to get to see the city as much as possible in the brief time allowed.

We don't have any problems staying in hostels and trying to find bargains on food and such.
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Not directly related, but I'm doing the same thing in Japan in 2 weeks for 17 days kekeke. I'm staying at hostels and using a railpass to get around. Some friends and I are are in the early stages of planning the same thing for Europe after this summer. I'm spending about $2.6K for my Japan trip, and as far as I know it wouldn't be much cheaper than Europe, so it's possibly doable. If you really want to save money, cook your own food using the kitchens provided in hostels and local grocery stores. I'm using noodle shops and street vendors for most my food, with maybe one nice full meal a day. Anyways, I couldn't stop and not reply so good luck
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Ibiza has to be done. This depends how young you are how if you're still a party animal though.

I'm a Brit so for London; Harrod's, Selfridges, St Pauls, National Art Gallery, British Museum, Tate Gallery, Canary Wharf, the aquarium, houses of parliament and the London Eye as they're next to each other and Madame Tussaud's.

Give Buckingham Palace a miss. There's really very little to see.
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The French/Italian Rivera is INSANE. Absolutely the most beautiful place I've ever seen. Lots to do and the food is incredible.

If you don't want to be pure touristy, go to Florence as well. It's a very international city but still has distinctive Italian flair.

Rome is blah, beautiful and worth the trip but you can hit it and quit in a day. Venice is EXACTLY what you think it will be, its the one place I haven't been but i've heard I didn't miss out.
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London - Stamford Bridge
Amsterdam - Amsterdam Arena
Munich - Allianz Arena
Rome - Stadio Olimpico
Madrid - Bernabéu
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Are you going for history/art, culture, or both?

Paris and London have the best museums and other historical attractions (I suspect Rome is the same). As such, they will take the most time to fully enjoy (I'd say at least three days each). They are also fun cities to visit though. After that, I really like Amsterdam and Munich. I haven't been to the others, but I imagine Copenhagen is nice, and I would pick Barcelona over Madrid personally.
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I've been to most those places on a hostel basis so I have a lot of input but I am really drunk right now so if you are serious PM me and I'll give a legitimate response tomorrow.
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As already mention, I would skip Madrid as well. For some reason people always want to go to the capital...but the other cities are actually better for Spain.
You MUST go to Barcelona and check out Antoni Gaudí's architecture and the beaches. I also recommend going to Seville.
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I know of a great place to stay in Rome

Aurelia Camping, or something like that. Google it

It's like this camping ground outside of the city, and you can go and stay there for really cheap. They are have these little tiny houses/rooms that have two/three beds and a washroom, everything is new and VERY clean. It's also extremely cheap, and right in front of the ent-rance a bus passes that takes you directly to the vatican if I'm not mistaken

If you want to stay in Rome for cheap, but still have a clean place to stay, I recommend it. I think it was something like 30 euros a night for the shack

Edit: also, as far as Venice is concerned, I suggest going for the day and getting the hell out of there at night. It is a beautiful city, but if you go there on a nice and sunny day, you can probably get enough out of the city to be satisfied without being stuck paying a shitload of money for a hotel. I've been 3-4 times, but each time I was only there for a day so I skipped staying in a hotel.

Get there early in the morning, and plan to leave at night, and you can do a lot. The museums are great, and there is lots of neat stuff to do and see. Watch Anthony Bourdain's No Reservation episode in Venice from this season, he shows this island off of venice that has this unique Risotto that looks out of this world, I'd definitely recommend going to try it.
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See a sunrise, sunset in Santorini, Greece.

Also some love for various places in Portugal. Sagres at the end of the world, the Azores (different islands, some places with population only 200 and each with a very different look), and even just in Lisbon. Portugal is a great place to backpack and probably one of the more affordable places to vacation in.
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I'd recommend Not only will it save you a ton of money, but it will give you unique experiences everywhere you go. Though if you do plan on doing it, don't expect to start out and just be a leecher.

I've been living in Paris for 8+ months now, so if you need any tips for Paris feel free to send me a PM.
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Originally Posted by renegade4box View Post
I'd recommend Not only will it save you a ton of money, but it will give you unique experiences everywhere you go. Though if you do plan on doing it, don't expect to start out and just be a leecher.

I've been living in Paris for 8+ months now, so if you need any tips for Paris feel free to send me a PM.

that site is full of shit

every trip I've taken recently in which I could have used a place to stay, I tried to use couchsurfing and NO ONE EVER REPLIED. Not one person replied, not even to say "sorry, I can't"

So what's the point? If it's only some dick waving contest between people that have hosted others and only accept people that have hosted others, it's pretty damn useless for 99% of the population
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It'd be easier to help you if you didn't just list a handful of major cities. For 20 days I recommend sticking in one country, or just a few locations that are close to each other. If you actually have any intention of hopping around the continent, you're going to miss out and be stressed out.

Try to be specific what you're looking for, and a time frame would be pretty good aswell. Europe is such a vast and varied place that just wanting to go there is no place to start. People don't seem to realize that you can spend a great 20 days practically anywhere on the globe.
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Go to these cities:
Istanbul, Barcelona.
Absolutely the best two cities I've been to.

Although GMF is right, 20 days means you shouldn't spread yourself thin. Every city on that list of yours deserves at least a week.
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Yeah, truth on the spreading yourself thin. Id say stick to about Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, München. You can get night trains between most of these cities, you trade a little bit of sleeping comfort for not losing days to traveling. I personally have no problem sleeping on trains, but your mileage will ofcourse vary. You could leave Copenhagen out of that list, and trade it for example Vienna and possibly Bratislava.

Another option would be to do the Italy, Spain, southern France part of your list, even though Rome is a shithole...
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