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Scurvy Sailor
$2.10 for a wash, $1.75 for a dry here in Vancouver. It uses a re-chargeable laundry card so I don't have to worry about making change.
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$2.00 wash / $1.75 dry
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DHermit's Avatar
Anyone have a good nationwide company or something that comes to your house and does your laundry and then brings it back? Read: HAVE, not google and post results, but that you've actually used and like.
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RiderOnTheStorm's Avatar
$1.50/$1.00. I miss the days when I was in college and they charged us $50 a semester for a "laundry fee" because too many people complained about not being able to get quarters or having cash on hand. Then they converted all the laundry rooms to unlimited use. This worked for us because we had 1500 people though. So when some asshole thought it'd be alright to overload the washers or keep everyone awake because he thought it'd be ok to wash his four pairs of sneakers at 3 AM, it was only every once in awhile.

Point being, I don't actually miss that at all. $2/1 sounds like a decent deal, though I imagine it sucks after the price you were getting.
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Currently $1/$1 but I figured out a workaround to get free drier. so $1/load right now
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This thread reminds me my electric dryer is teh suck

I really miss our old apt's gas unit.
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zerokewl's Avatar
Im pretty weird about underwear for some reason, Im not sure Id be ok with someone folding them for me. otherwise that whole by the pound and someone folding thing sounds amazing.
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BlisterDick's Avatar
1 dollar wash, 25 cents per 8 mins dry
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cokezeroholic's Avatar
I used to have to pay a dollar per was and dry.
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$1/lb. I'm lazy.
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spanxxx's Avatar
in my building it's $1.50 to wash and $1.25 to dry.. i tend to go to the laundromat and pay $4/for a triple load machine and $0.25/5 mins to dry - usually works out to about $1.50 to dry

edit: i went to one of those wash/fold services after i suffered through Norwalk virus, and it was ridiculously expensive, for 3 garbage bags full of clothing/bedding/towels, it cost me about $65.... easily $10 at the laundromat, but i was just not feeling well enough to do it myself and considering it was around christmas time, there was no time to do it
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hider's Avatar
1.75 to wash
1.25 to dry

this is at my school dorm. I wash my clothes like once a month
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I also pay the same as you are paying.
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Originally Posted by herrysmart View Post
I also pay the same as you are paying.

how much is that exactly, spammer?
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i don't pay for laundry cause i usually wash my clothes by myself. cheap way to save money.
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