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get a card with a $300 from orchard bank - after 6 months they'll raise your limit
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get a card with a $300 from orchard bank - after 6 months they'll raise your limit
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Do you have anyone that could co-sign a small loan for you? Maybe that'd help. I started my credit history taking some shitty card from a local car stereo shop, my dad co-signed. Then I bought a car, my dad co-signed. Then I had offers come in like crazy for credit cards.

No idea if that still works, but...

My wife, on the other hand, did what Domon suggested. Her first card was offered to her by a company affiliated with her college. Shitty rate, low limit, but for a few semesters she just put books on it and then paid them off. What do you know, other offers started flying in.

Of course, both of us started in our may put you at a disadvantage, I don't know.
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U Caught The Gay
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Originally Posted by Gibonius View Post
Have you applied for any department store cards? Sears card, etc? They usually have extremely low admission criteria.

Merchant cards don't typically report to credit until they have to file a claim. That is, they won't help build meaningful credit.

Check out chapter one, it helped me build my credit substantially in only 6 months:

(Yes I post his links often. Suck it.)
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Originally Posted by Forever Domon View Post
that is if he actually has a file. They wont create a file just for denied attempts. You dont have a credit file until you have one successful line of credit.

A) car loan
B) house loan
C) Student loans
D) credit card
E) financing of any sort

^^ these things will give you a file.

I was in same boat as OP. Then when I signed for an apt, I just showed them my pay check and they were fine. It is not impossible, you just have to look as if you have no problem at all in paying it off.
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If it has not been said.....

Go to your bank.....get 500 bucks , put it into savings and get a Visa credit card on that money.

That's what I am about to do.
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ive had a credit card opened when i was 16 and had my first job, cosigned with my parents. so ive had some time to build my credit

my roommate though had problems gettin his first card, even when he showed proof of his $45k/yr salaried job. he had to take out a loan to gain credit befor ehe could get a card (took out i think 5grand, and put that money into a savings account and used it just to pay back the loan. basically the price of interest was him "buying" his credit)
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Guess Who
Get a cosigner on your credit card.
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