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depends on how much crud is on the stocks.
back in the 80's when i got my chinese sks it was dam near dunked in varnish.

i ended up shanding it down to bare wood (using several grades os sand paper) then staining it with a dark wood stain and then good ole spray can varninsh over that.

It turned out VERY nice,

ill have to snap a pic if i get the chance.
I wish my lawn was emo, so it would cut itself.
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Hard from Brevard
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The P22 is a great learning gun, I got one for the misses to teach her how to shoot.

I have big hands, and this gun fits my hand great. Definitely a reccomendation, it cost me about 260 bucks brand new.
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The P22 at my local shop is quite a bit more than 260, its about 365 actually. so im gonna have to look arround for that one. though, the shop i get my Mil-Surp stuff from has given me slings targets and cleaning pouches and a kit for free.

oh and i wasnt wanting to know how to make a wasr-10 fully automatic. just wanted to know if it could be done since it was explained to me that they were manufactured to be semi, and soley for import to the US.

^not a slam, just covering my ass.

EDIT: i got the steel wool and Tung oil today. gonna do it tonight after my homework is done. damn reports....

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Forgot to mention...this isnt going to be an one day thing.

You are going to soak that thing with the tung oil and let it sit for a while. I let each of my coats sit overnight.

Also, if you use rags, you are going to want to soak them down real good with water and lay them out flat when you are done. The saturated rags have the ability to combust.
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ok. i had a different idea of what was going on then. you see its about 3 degrees outside right now, and this house doesnt have a i am in a well ventillated area (windows open, fan on- blowing out) but its the kitchen.

i got the wood nice and dark, but im a bit apprehensive about putting the thing outside overnight. in the freezing cold.
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L33T_h4x0r_d00d's Avatar
This thread needs more bumpfire.
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that was the result of yesterdays frenzied 6 rub downs. it then sat over night.

that is tonights wipedowns.
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The first pictures were a little more exposed so its hard to tell, but it looks like it has a much better color now.
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Yah. the first picture up to was taken in my room under the direct overhead light. the bottom pictures were in the dining room, under its ovehead light, but those shine upwards.

the color comparison is correct though, and actually its a bit darker still this morning after getting it back into my room under the direct light.

i have also figured out how to get the furniture off of the thing. did that by accident.

now to go and buy a 1000 round case and hit the range.
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