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Originally Posted by pheenix
god damnit it's not a silencer

even AAC calls their stuff a "silencer" from time to time.
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yeah, different species of slanteye here
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Originally Posted by 18B<rambone>
why would a sniper rifle be water cooled?

It could be a wet supressor...
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Originally Posted by Λpsalus

that's what I get for posting at 3AM
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Originally Posted by L33T_h4x0r_d00d
Id rather have a 12.7x99 with some monster 1600 grain projectile loaded to subsonic speeds. That way should I need to, for whatever reason, switch back to standard 12.7x99, I could just change the mag or drop a new round in the chamber.

I know next to nothing about ammunition and I'd almost agree with you.

Why not use ammunition that is more standard. If you were ever in a situation where you ran out of ammunition, you'd be SOL. Seems to me a more common ammunition would make sense. Although I guess because this thing is designed for Spec-ops, standardization isn't required.

One question though. How come its such a low velocity projectile? wouldn't a faster projectile be more stable? or does a higher velocity make the weapon louder?
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^^^if the bullet is sub-sonic then it never makes a sonic boom, and is much quieter.
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