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Best Of The Best in any market position is a stupid thing to buy, you'll be able to buy better within months, and with technology it is only worth as much as the equivalent hardware, minus some for being used. Far more sensible to buy at the best performance/dollar than the best performance.

However the hardware will still be working, it ain't the best by far, but it can still recoup the investment if used for a while yet.

vinnie: Oddly enough the two G5 towers at work have never had a 'random freeze'. Not a large sample rate of course, but a valid counterpoint to your insinuation that this is common, or standard behaviour.
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Originally Posted by aoeoae
in the past macs actually had less depreciation than pc's. there was a shitload of competition for used powerbooks which sustained the prices on ebay et al.

It still will. The only reason why the G5 dropped the way it did was because of the hardware switch. I bet similar happened when they went from 68k to PPC. That G5 is still going to be supported by software companies and will likely follow the path of most Apple computers and last at the minimal 5 years before the then latest mac OS stops being supported on it. The fact that most macs last at least 5 years before they become software obsolete is part of the reason they usually keep their value longer.
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Mark Larson
Macs usually have the best resale value in the market. Partly because of the mac mystique, partly because they're so expensive new and people want them even used (like toyotas), partly because they had a really long hardware lifecycle.
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I love deperciation on hardware, the retarted markup they throw on for early adopters is great for me.

That video card some gamer jerked off to and wasted $400 on will be $100 in half a year or less and still play ever game on the market.

The hardware industry knows that people will line up to buy overpriced parts just so people can post rate my rig threads or show off their $2000 rig at lan parties. Then the price comes way way down really fast for perfectly good hardware.
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Depreciation only sucks if your a who can't wait for a product to come down in price.

E.g. I paid $120 for an Amd Fx55, back in the day they were $500
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Originally Posted by DlStreamnet
Depreciation only sucks if your a who can't wait for a product to come down in price.

E.g. I paid $120 for an Amd Fx55, back in the day they were $500

That's like saying "I just banged Betty White last night, and she didn't charge me a dime", while we all banged her when she was 18 years old. You pay to play with the newest and hottest.
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I stand by all the misstatements that I've made.
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That's why I always buy at least 1 year old hardware. Sure, I can't run all the bells and whistles, but I get it more bang for the buck out of it.
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