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Hiking in Western NC

So ive lived in NC all my life, and just last week I had to drive to Knoxville TN, going though the mountains i realized how awsome it would be to hike though there, im not a hardcore hiker, my wife and i have been a few times to crowders mountain, about 7 miles.

Has anyone been though there? and Ideas, suggestions. I would love to make this a day or two trip, camping and such, but never been camping before, so ideas on what i would need to purchase and equipment and where to be so i dont get to be a snack for a black bear.
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I thought the Ocee river area was fucking fantastic.
But really, that area is so nice with so many trails it would take years to walk them all.
I guess a good thing to do would be to just pick a section of the Appellation trail to hike.
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I like hiking in the Roan mountain area between there and Boone NC.

Smoky mountains natl park around pigeon forge and gatlinburg is just too touristy these days.

Unaka mountain is a nice place too, just outside of Erwin.
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If you are not used to walking 10 miles at a time. Bring some duct tape. Put it on the back of your heel if you feel heat build up from friction with the shoe. You can even peel off a blister and put the duct tape over the sore if you let it get to that stage.

Wool socks if you dont have allergies. If they get wet they still retain warmth. Put a little vaseline between the toes..

Fresh butane lighter for emergencies. 20 foot of nylon rope.

Black bears are pussies. Bring some firecrackers to make them run. Bring a camel back to put out the fire from the fire crackers.

Small tin box to bring kindling with.

Food container that seals air tight. Or some saran wrap to place over the opening before closing the lid. Keeps the black bears from smelling your food.

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For once I agree with TheMorlock. Bring plenty of water.
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