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Originally Posted by Ariez
So i installed it and thats it? I dont see a difference.
0. First thy needeth some way of measuring this stuff. In a pinch the System Properties will work as it displays the operating frequency. But I recommend some other utility, e.g. CPU-Z
1. Take a reading on the operating frequency and core voltage whilst the system is idle
2. Take a reading on the operating frequency and core voltage whilst the system is under load
3. Compareth the values
4. If the readings are the same at the default operating speed of the processor in question, then you likely have the wrong power saving profile active as I mentioned above. I do not remember exactly what the fuck the correct is now, but "minimal power saving" comes to mind, but don't fucking quote me on that.
5. ... I forgot what I was supposed to say here, in any case, read up on the 'net on the above issue
6. Good night.
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if you have a dual-core processor you should be reporting 2 temps, they often differ by quite a bit. use this:
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slappy mcgee
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35C - P-M 1.6ghz Dothan (undervolted)
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A64 4200 X2 stock @ 32C idle 48C load (bit warm in here today) (desktop)

A64 3500+ venice stock @ 24 idle 27 load air cooled (zulu/server) $20 case
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AMD X2 3800+ @ 2.2Ghz 38C

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Intel Core Duo T2400 @ 2.0GHz (This is in a desktop system)

Load - 43C
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2x AMD Opteron 240 @ 2.4Ghz - 50C

You should hear what it sounds like under load
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