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grim desecration
Mature pron in park (pics & video) NSFW

Me and my friend are waiting outside bar for a friend to come as the bar is closing its doors. The friend comes and picks up some random skank and takes her to pizza place. We follow them but decide not to go inside because we have to take a leak. We head to a park nearby and piss. As I piss I hear some moaning. I say my friend that there are somebody fucking in somewhere. He doesn't believe me, but when we go to the other side of park we see two matures FUCKING on a bench. We start laughing very hard. I take my cameraphone and start taking pictures. My friend suggest that we go closer. He continues laughing and sits right next to them. We start giving them advices. They're doing it very slowly so we start clapping our hands rhytmically to speed up the pace. I take pictures and video clips as they continue to fuck. They comment our laughing with some replys as "don't you have anything better to do" and "why did you pick this place". They stop and male confronts us with some more stupid shit as I continue to record everything. Some more drama ensues when he goes aggressive. My friends says to the man to keep his distance or he stabs him (he has knife in his pocket). The old idiot settles down but carries on to talk some stupid shit. We talk with them a while and the situation slowly fades.

Shitty videos:
1st clip
2nd clip
Translation of second clip:
Woman: Don't go anywhere
My friend: What's up? (laughter)
Woman (to man): Don't go anywhere
My friend: You don't believe how fun this is...
Woman (to man): Don't go anywhere. Don't care about those brats. I wanna be with you.
Man: Ahh.
Woman: Don't care about them. They've never seen a hairy (furry!) OMGOMGOMGOMG.
Me: Show us your hairy OMGOMGOMGOMG.
Woman: Go fuck yourself. You are not worthy enough.
Me: Faster!
Man: Go away. I'll talk to them.

1. We go to take a leak on a park
2. I hear moaning and we go to see what's happening
3. Two matures are fucking on a bench
4. We take pictures and give them advice.
5. They don't take it well and they stop.
6. Profit?

I have some more video clips but they're not worth posting because teh drama is in Finnish.

Fuck, I'm still drunk.

edit: watermarked
edit2: new video links x 2
edit3: cashmoneyupload shit

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No one wants to fucking see old people having sex...

edit: Oh yeah, this is genmay. In that case I stand corrected.
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its big, its heavy, its wood.
Its looooggggg looooggggg,
its better then bad, its good!!

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Phil McCrevice
Undiscovered Gen[M]ay Superstar.
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i would have busted a nut on them
You have been banned for the following reason:
posting the real goatse and taunting mods to get banned
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Suicide King
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sneetch is my justly abused adopted monthly check.
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Seminole Joe
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i call one is going to carry on a conversation with you after you catch them having sex in a park...
jesus christ are you seriously that dense? - JoePits

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Screw you guys, I'm going home!
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You crazy Finns!
I love motherfucking Los Angeles.

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teh fucking loser
I love my cocks HUGE
for some strange reason this thread has given me an erection
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you pick up dog turds? suckers!
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lol no fucking way

man i cant get the vids to work
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I love my mother. No, I REALLY love her. In the butt.
Whiny Douche for mod.
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the videos dont work
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