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don't tell me about what the soapbox at the [h] was like... i was the soapbox at the [h] i defined that place for what it is today... now its a PC driven shit hole where expression of ideas, thoughts and opinions, regardless of how bizarre they are is verboten...

that is not what this place is about, but if you think you can stand the heat in this kitchen then by all means stay and have a good time... here is your change, now drive on through...

Originally posted by TitanJeff

Whoa, I was just partially agreeing with the thread starter. Who said it was a "bit" over the edge. Meaning not completey out of control and ridiculous. I think that right now a lot of the threads are people just trying to stir up contraversy to start heated debates. The Soapbox on [H] (though I know this isn't the [H] anymore) was about expressing yourself and venting about something. This is just a "bit" different. That's all I was saying.
But if you want to call me names like "Captain Fist-Fuck" and "douche bag" like we're in junior high again. Continue on. If that's what you call being open minded and free speech and all that. Ok then. Flame away and pull out all the derogatory terms and silly names that are supposed to hurt my feelings and make me not want to come around anymore. But that's not going to happen. A couple of words from a trumped up guy sitting at his keyboard won't stop me.
And as for your claims that I'm a hypocrite. I haven't been participating in saying "I hate this" or "I hate that" which is what I was speaking out against. So that doesn't make me a hypocrite. I wasn't saying that the free speech portion of the Pit was a bad thing. I agree with it and was speaking freely about all the hateful threads and posts.
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my wiener > yours
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Go jack off Oatmeals
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Originally posted by TitanJeff

A frat is an exclusive club just for males, and women don't sue over that. They have their sororities. And both groups get along.
Wow that explains everything
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if you can't stand the heat, get outta the pit...

that's all I haveta say.

I'm too poor for a title.......
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Originally posted by publius
I'll add my 2 cents into this thread. In the US we have the right to think whatever we want, no one can or should tell us we are right or wrong. I don't have a lot of respect for the political left in this country, but I would never take away their rights to have opinions. I also would never advocate any forms of violence against people I don't like, I just ignore them and live my life. Intellectual tolerance is essential to a prosperous society, but never tell me that I have to like or respect anything, I can make up my own mind and if I disagree with others, then oh well.
Amen brother!
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Adolf Allersnatch
Originally posted by ComputerJLT

racism should not be tolerated anywhere....... But the ignorant (asmodeus) will promote it anyway.......
Try this one on for size... WHO CARES!
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Will suck dick for d16
Originally posted by Adolf Allersnatch

Try this one on for size... WHO CARES!
wow that was big of you.....
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