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How far off can injector ohms be?

My Saturn got rear ended and I'm driving my old 90 Chevy Beretta v6 in the mean time. It stalled on me on the highway and wouldn't start again. Had it towed home and checked the injectors. Nearly everything was 12.5 except two of them. A 7.6 ohm injector and a 10.6. These seemed out of spec and decided to replace them with rebuilts from RockAuto.

Just put them in today and noticed that one was 13 and the other was 10.6. The 13 seemed fine to me, but the 10.6 was replacing a 10.6. Put it in anyway and started it up and drove around the block for a while, then I let it run for 30 minutes. Seemed fine, but then it eventually stalled on me. Took me 10 seconds to get it started again but it will stall with another attempt needing a few tries to get it started.

Rockauto agreed to replace the injector, seeing as it can't be more then 5% off of spec. How far off can injectors be from spec? A bit of Googling gives me too many different answers. Don't bother me about buying rebuilt injectors, I don't plan to keep this car for long. It'll soon see a for sale sign on it.
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It's best to have them all flow tested if it's a car you care about. They can flow drastically different amounts of fuel even if they ohm out the same.

Anyway I always thought they should be within an ohm of each other, or better.
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Best way to check if the injectors are functioning properly would be with a scope and clamp on amp probe. It is possible that the problem lies somewhere other than the injectors themselves. "rebuilt" injectors can be junk.. they're injectors that have been cleaned and "tested" but who knows to what standards. The used injectors you get may also not match the injectors that are already installed in your car. +/- 5% (+/- 0.625 ohms) sounds like a reasonable range.

here's some info that might be useful
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That is a useful YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing.
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