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Vienge is a Daddy! (pics)

So yeah, I'm excited and running out of places to brag about my the [M] gets an update (wanted or not :p ) from ~thegooseguru~

My baby girl; born April 30th at 9:24am via C section (had to be an emergency surgery because of my blood pressure & because she was still breech :( ). She was born at 37 weeks to the day (that's about 3 weeks early) and was a whopping 21 inches long and 10lbs 2 oz. She spent her first 11 days in the ICN because of fluid in her lungs, however she is completely healthy & happy now.

GenMay, meet Kaitlyn Elizabeth (at least until the crappy pic host dies)... Kaitlyn Elizabeth, meet...well...not until she's 21 :p

Kabn's Cliffs
Vienge Is a Daddy

1611 CDT
  1. thegooseguru posts a thread showing off her new baby.
  2. gets both supporters and detractors.
  3. details about perceived sterility and birth.
  4. Vienge pops in for some drama.
  5. marriage details and defensiveness against the Vienge comments, as well as gratuitous boob comments to get thread back on track.
  6. drama explosion. Vienge asserts she used him for jealousy while Bonnie all but calls her out.
  7. Vienge makes a call for peace after trying to lock the thread to stop the drama.
  8. small rebuttal and clarification from goose.
  9. kristchan questions the validity of goose's earlier assertions on weight gain and her awareness of her pregnancy.
  10. LilMs gets in a little barb.
  11. goose is getting pissed.
  12. pics of involved parties.
  13. Vienge throws down and promises to post pics of goose.
  14. 100 megaton drama bomb when Vienge posts the pics he purports as the "real" gooseguru. unflattering to say the least.
  15. kristchan is funny.
  16. first official call of shens, laid down by FlyNavy.
  17. the banter with LilMs seems scripted and shennish, but we go on.
  18. Lynnakitty drops in to offer an opinion on Ferox's attractiveness.
  19. mystery disease goose purported to have at one point.
  20. Bonnie writes about the night goose supposedly disappeared and tells Vienge to get a paternity test.
  21. slight tangent about LilMs' previous love life.
  22. Bonnie is observant.
  23. continuing female pity party.
  24. interesting pic.
  25. questions arise concerning the validity of the real Lynnakitty's verified state, considering the similarities to the current situation.
  26. someone has bad aim.
  27. at some point, goose is KC'd.
  28. FlyNavy asserts that wildthing and Lynnakitty are not the same person.
  29. Bonnie does some searching and links to some nice posts/threads.
  30. day crew shows up.
  31. FlyNavy still holds his call of shens.
  32. DM agrees..
  33. Vienge asserts his validity, and says there was no penetration.
  34. Lynna comes up again.
  35. nobody cares what anyone else thinks of their looks.
  36. we somehow go from goose to working out to the debated existence of the regeneration of alveoli. don't ask.
  37. Lynna is a dirty OMGOMGOMGOMG.
  38. my wang comes up. lol pun.
  39. Ken is apparently abusing large text. i cannot says if it's physical or sexual.
  40. requisite vault talk.
  41. ZangMonkey offers to meet everyone and verify.
  42. Vienge reasserts the truth of the events and calls the thread to a close, eventually using a later bump to express regret at how the drama was handled.
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edit: aww <3
i'll call you on your shit, please call me on mine

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Edit: Damn, beaten.
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Id hit it
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Originally Posted by Geotpf
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Needs better spelling of first na,e.
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beautiful! congratz!

I am sooo not asking the question I really want to ask. omg it's killing me.
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omfg,,, I just wanna tutch the arm or leg babyskin
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