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I think my USB bus is Dieing. Help

I got an original intel macbook pro 15inch. Its 6 years old, and probably not worth a repair bill. And since it isn't my only computer, i am also not too concerned about it. However, I have been using this computer for my photography, and would like to be able to save/back up my stuff. (everything i do uses USB, my internet is through USB, my Backup is a USB HD, etc) So any help/advice would be useful!

ok so here is a description of my problem. My USB ports (only got 2 of em) both seem to work fine whenever i plug something into them, but after about a minute or two of use they cut out and then cut back in. If i am charging an ipod for example, it will stop charging the ipod (and cut data) and then reconnect the ipod about a second later.

This happens on both USB ports, and doesn't always happen at the same time. Right now, my internet is lasting about 5 minutes... But its the 10th time ive tried to get it to work in 20. I can't safely transfer any files because the more i use the USB port the quicker it seems to go out. Transferring several gigs of photos made the USB ports cut out every 20 seconds. While idlely charging a device causes them to go out every 2-10 minutes.

anyone know what is going on?
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get a usb express card
get that shit backed up asap, and see if this will hold up for more than just a" OMGWTFBBQ gotta back my shit up" solution

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someone else
you could burn DVDs with the photos on em. I do that every so often. gives you a backup of the photos hard copy, that you can throw onto a hard drive at your leisure
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both are pretty good ideas. I was thinking of seeing if there was a Firewire/USB adaptor i could find. Since, i never use fire-wire and i assume they are seperate bus'es

either way i need to back up the 50 gigs of photos before i scrap this and get a new mac
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Worst comes to worst you can pull the hard drive, toss it into a PATA or SATA usb adapter and hook it up to another mac (or anything can can read mac filesystem)
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Ice Cool
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did you try re-installing the driver?
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