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I have an account, original owner. Has Diablo 2, Diablo 2 expac, WC3, WC3 TFT, all wow expansions. and SC2 beta.

Horde account, on Cho'gall PVP server

80 Tauren Warrior 5.1k+ gs
Epic Flying
Dual Spec
Max JC/Alch
bunch of T9 etc
has mostly prot but also some decent dps gear

80 Troll Priest 5.1k+ gs
Epic Flying
Dual Spec
Ench/Tailoring for self enchants
has shadow and heal gear

80 Undead Rogue 5.4k+ gs
Epic Flying
Dual Spec
409 LW / 300 engi
T9/ 1 pc T10

80 Blood Elf Paladin 5.2k+ gs
No epic flying (but plenty of gold!)
Dual Spec
420 JC / 300 BS
T9 and some ICC gear

29 shaman

39 mage

a few bank toons

and a 55 DK named Karazhan (hey, worth something right?)

Account also has a guild bank with 3 tabs, tons of gems herbs and random things. Warrior has a lot of Sunwell and S3 PVP gear that looks badass.

Also, about 27K gold is on the account as well.

Would prefer to sell the whole shebang at once. PM me.
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Hi guys,

Letting go of a druid I've had since last year. I am not the original owner, although I did bnet merge the account with my info in november and the person I bought it from is very safe.

The PvP gear is Full relentless with t2 weapon and its rocking about 5750 GS in ICC with a mix of icc 10/25 gear. Here is the armory.

I am not looking for too much, will settle for around $200 as Its a spare account and I can no longer afford to run it.

You can find me on AIM under vexozrogue or private message me and i'll try get in touch with you.

Have previously done a successful bit of business here a few years back
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Letting go of my account 3 80s all over 5k Gearscore

Main is BE Holy paladin on Shattered Hand PVP server
sitting at
5965 GS Kinglsayer title
5600GS Prot set
5500GS Ret set just got
460 Enchanting/450 JW
Has 3 drakes
5.5K achievements

next 2 80s are on Haomarush

80 orc Shaman
5.5k Resto set
5.5k Ele set
450 skinning

80 Tauren hunter

looking to get around 350 for the account, but im taking all offers.
I have an authenticator on the account i can either remove it and mail it to you or leave it on and just mail it to you, pm me

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WTB WoW time cards. Lookin to get at least 2. Let me know your price, thanks.
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World of Warcraft WoW 80 Rogue Dual T2 Wrathful Daggers $300

WoW World of Warcraft 80 NightElf Rogue for sale.. 6.0k GS PVP and 5.7k GS PVE!! $300

He currently resides on the Kil'Jaeden PVP server. The best server for organized cross-realm premades for Alliance. Member of QueQue (cross-realm premade farming organization). Above is his listed nameless armory. I will release his real name only via phone or text. Please do not email me with bogus inquires, as I'll be screaning all respective canidates that are serious about purchasing.. Below are some of his credentials..

80 NE Male Rogue

450/450 Enchanting (with all epic enchants)
450/450 Jewelcrafting (with all epic cuts beneficial to your class for both PVE and PVP)

(2x) Tier 2 Wrathful Daggers
4/5 Relentless
1/5 Wrathful
ALL Wrathful off pieces

3/5 T10 PVE and rest is mixture of T9, etc.. My main focus obviously was PVP.

He has maintained a 2400+ arena team score rating in 3's and 5's. He's a real beast on the battlefield and a treat to play. There is roughly 4,000 gold on the account, with TONS of mats for enchanting, jewelcrafting, including 2-3 (20)STACKS of ruby's that sell for 100ea.

My armory will answer MOST of your questions prior to contacting me. I have ALL the account information, and will be providing you with it upon purchasing. CASH, CHECK, or MONEY ORDER, WESTERN UNION ONLY!! I will not deal with PAYPAL! We must speak over phone as well. My account has NEVER been hacked, recalled, or tampered with and I'd like to keep it that way. I DO own an Authenticator linked to my account, and will also provide you with the Authenticator to the account upon purchase.

If you have any further questions please feel free to resond to this add, or PM ME.

My asking price is quite firm. If your wondering why I'm letting him go for such a great price it's due to my lack of time to play anymore, as my job requires a lot of me

Thanks for looking! PS: Don't take my kindness as a sign of weakness... I'm NOT new to the block when it comes to selling game accounts.

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Xerus's Avatar
looking for a cheap 80 paladin!

Let me know what you guys have
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Hi guys, I'm in need of some finances so i'm looking to sell my WoW account.

My characters are located on Cenarius (PvE) Alliance. It is a very strong PvE server with many high-end raiding guilds. Looking to sell for $175

Level 80 Male Dwarf Hunter
5.4k gs - mostly toc25 + toc10(heroic) gear
Has epic flying mount
10.5k gold
Has some decent pvp gear - 4 wrathful pieces, 153 resil pvp trink, ~800 resil
75k honor saved
500 arena points
~50 frost badges
lots of flasks of relentless assault (at least 50)
450/450 Alchemy
407/450 Jewelcrafting

Level 80 Male Human Warrior
4.9k gs dps
4.7k gs tank (has satarina's impending scarab)
406/450 jewelcrafting

Level 74 Male NE Rogue

Once contacted i can give you the names if you wish to view them on the armory/wowheroes etc. Again, i'm looking to get $175, i can be reached through pm or aim= holguin89. Thanks!
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The time has come to get rid of my WoW account. On the Battlenet account I have WOW and all expansions and Diablo 2 and D2 Xpac.

The World of Warcraft account contains the following Toons:

Level 80 Blood Elf Paladin-
5700+ GS in Holy PvE set
5.3k+ GS in ret and protection PvE sets.
- Also an assortment of Holy and Ret PvP gear which is mostly Wrathful/Relentless.
- Epic and Cold weather flying
- Alchemy and Herbalism profs.

Level 80 Troll Hunter-
5600+ GS in PvE gear and about the same for PvP gear.
Max Enchanting with a few old school enchants.
Max Inscription with loads of glyphs.

Level 80 Undead Warrior-
Around 5000+ GS in Prot and DPS gear.
Maxed Mining and engineering Professions
Epic and Cold weather flying.

Level 72ish Night Elf Rogue Alt.

I am looking for 300$ for the entire account but will accept serious and reasonable offers. I am the only owner to ever have the account and I have had it since week 1 of WoW's release. Never been banned or had any problems with the account.

Please PM me with questions and I will provide armory links if necessary.
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I have to get rid of my account due to some RL issues popping up recently. As far as 80's are concerned, I have 2 extremely well equipped DPS characters, and one that is ready to start raiding. The Death Knight and Mage are on the same server, and the Warlock is on a different server. All are able to be transferred, race changed, or any other option you'd like to do with them is available.

80 Death Knight (Alliance)
6250 GS (4p T10, 2nd BIS weapons for both DPS specs [Heroic Bryntroll], and dual [Heroic Bloodvenom Blades] as well as other extremely valuable BiS items such as Heroic Deathbringers Will)
9/12 Heroic ICC25 (and Kingslayer title of course)
Epic Flying

80 Mage (Alliance)
6050 GS (4p T10, very well geared Mage, the gear I have for it is very flexible and with a little gem swapping you can do well as Arcane or Fire, easily)
9/12 Heroic ICC25 (Kingslayer as well)
Epic Flying (with a 310% Ulduar 25 drake).

80 Warlock (Horde)
4500'ish GS (4pc T9, can do pretty good DPS, and can do well in ICC10).
No ICC experience yet with the lock.
Normal Flying.

I'm looking to get $350 out of the account or a great tech trade, such as a newer graphics card for example. My account has never been suspended, and has a great reputation. If you're interested in seeing more detailed information about the characters, let me know. From friends I've talked to, the price is a steal, especially since the DK and the Mage are on the same account.
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b4de59c95fdf3d7d67366b90837dea66 [y yuo throw haet ] porn may <3's yuo.
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80 Warlock (Horde)
4500'ish GS (4pc T9, can do pretty good DPS, and can do well in ICC10).
No ICC experience yet with the lock.
Normal Flying.
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selling my account

[80 undead rogue]
- 5/5 wrathful armor and all PvP offsets (6100+ PvP gearscore)
- all wrathful arena pieces besides tabard and t2 weapons (all three t1 daggers are included)
- Deathbringer's Will
- champion of naruu title + assortment of others (holiday ones, ambassador, explorer, etc)
- 450 engineering and 450 mining (top engineer on the server)
- 97.5% of all engineering recipes possibly attainable by a rogue
- 100% cooking, 100% smelting recipes, max lockpicking
- epic flying with TONS of mounts (74)
- 5950 PvE GS with 3pc T10, several ICC 25 offsets
- 20x red + orange gems ready to be cut into whatever
- max (75k) honor, 2500 arena points (can be used on t2 weapons)
- comes with 2500 2s team if you want to start playing with a friend

misc alts (44 druid, 40 warrior, two 39 rogues (one on Nightfall ready to be played in non-xp bgs), lv 1 bank alt with 5 tabs fully preloaded with enchanting mats and gems)

no infractions/bans/reports ever
played for 1.5 seasons in BC and half of s8 in WOTLK

send me an offer via PM, i'm very flexible
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Selling Online marketing concepts!


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WTB scarab account!!!!!!! ""Im not a reseller""

hi guys i wanna buy scarab lord account preffer warrior or mage gears dsnt matter. US or EU. looking to buy my very first retail wow account, because im only playing private server.thx guys pm me your price guys
mail me (
AIM (kim arimas)
Old 12-09-2010, 06:40 PM wafufu is offline  
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I am looking for an 80 Mage on any server. Gear is no matter. I would actually prefer an undergeared, cheap solution.

Please PM with pricing!
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