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WTS: 70 Horde Druid + 70 Alliance Paladin + BETA ACCESS!

I tried out the beta thinking it would spark me into playing wow again but it hasn't made me like wow anymore so I'm just going to sell.

This account comes with an active WotLK Beta access as well

The current live characters are:

Level 70 Tauren Druid - Burning Blade (PVP)
these numbers arent exact because my armory page is out of form in DPS gear
Link to out of form + DPS gear:

Normal Flight form
375 Jewelcrafter and Skinner
1000+ saved arena points
50k+ honor

Played feral

DPS gear:
-2600 AP unbuffed
-32% crit chance

Tank Gear:
20k armor
415+ def
34%+ dodge
can tank any heroic, karazhan, and most bosses in ZA with ease.

Level 70 Human Paladin - Twisting Nether (RPPVP)
Link to armory data:

Comes with old pvp title
Holy Specced and geared
375 Tailoring (Primal Mooncloth), 345 Enchanting
Normal Flying Mount
Has healed The Eye and SSC easilly topping charts
unsure of honor or arena points

for this one gear can easily be seen on the link

Account is 100% clean never been suspended and only 1 ever warning from a GM for profanity
Paladin comes with old pvp title (Master Sergent I believe).
All server transfers and name changes are available.

Asking 500 OBO since it also comes with beta access.
shoot me any reasonable offers, sorry no trades, cash only

You get access to BOTH accounts. The live account with the listed characters and the beta account with both already transfered over (druid on PVP test server, paladin on PVE test server due to realm conflicts)
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also in the account above I forgot to mention that the account comes with ALL credentials including secret word.
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[M] Kittah
I love Jesus <3
Cuntzilla's Avatar
WTS WOTLK Beta Key $250 OBO

Edit: Also entertaining trades.
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Originally Posted by Bill View Post
WTSell WOTLK Beta Key. $275 OBO.

$200 If you're low uid+high posts or good refs and not questionable and its an easy, no-hassle transaction.
Old 08-22-2008, 07:07 PM Bill is offline  
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I have a 70 warlock that I would like to sell. Here is an armory link

I logged out last in my fishing + farming gear.
My main weapon is the The Maelstrom's Fury + numerous off-hands

The character has approximately 1300 shadow damage, is hit capped with about 25% crit. Has an epic flyer and numerous epic land mounts. Also comes with around 3000g. The account also has a 67 warrior on it.

I would be looking to sell for around $350. This character is a very good starting point for guilds up into Sunwell.
Founding [M]ember of the Dallas Cowboys Fan Club
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Quake 2 > *
WTS - WoW Beta Key: $200. Just got it but don't play the game anymore, so I'm not interested
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Old 08-23-2008, 01:27 PM |RaptoR| is offline  
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Lv 70 Night Elf Warrior Tank - Alliance PVE - Transfer available - $200

I haven't played on my account for a while, several months, so I'm looking to sell my Warrior for a very reasonable $200.

He's got gear from SSC and TK, then I just stopped playing him. Great tank gear, some dps gear as well. I think he has a few hundred gold on him also. Epic flyer, Epic land mounts, etc.

I would love to do the transfer in person, so I'm hoping someone in Las Vegas might be interested. If not, we can use Paypal or another form of payment. Thanks for looking, and reply with any questions you might have!

Old 08-23-2008, 02:32 PM clubcopper is offline  
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Top Gear Torrent Guy
Account 1:
70 Undead Warrior - Korgath (PvP)
Ready to tank all of T6 content along with a decent MS set and PvP set.
4500+ g, Netherdrake, tons of enchanting materials
375 Enchanting (most rare enchants, this is how I made most of the gold)/Mining
Misc alts for screwing around: 39 Belf Hunter, 58ish Gnome Mage

Account 2:
70 Tauren Shaman - Korgath (PvP)
Ready to heal T6 content
Epic Engineering Flying Mount
375 Engineering / Mining
Misc alts: 70 Gnome Warlock, 70 Dwarf Paladin, various twinks

I'm looking to quit WoW and get rid of my characters so I can't play again. These two accounts are good for you and a friend to start raiding tier 6 or PvP.

Both chars have transfers and name changes up. Original owner along with question/answer. You can also transfer characters between these 2 accounts.

We can work something out for individual characters.

PM me for more info and offers.

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Click, Click, Bloody Click, Pancakes!
I have an account I would like to unload.

66 Human Spriest Has almost all her gear up to Sethekk
Currently on Laughing Skull
Transfer and Name change are available
I am the original account owner and have the secret question/answer etc
34 hunter with gear in bank for twinking at 39 just needs to be leveled
Scattered alts
Aprox 400g across 3 toons, with hundreds more in enchanting mats in the bank

This is the 4th account I have sold on genmay and I am done with wow. I am looking to get $60 for the account which is just a little more than a new accont.
Old 08-24-2008, 02:49 PM Liquid_pjear is offline  
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WTB Undead Warlock...

MUST be on a PVP server and transferable
Old 08-25-2008, 08:12 AM Stealth is offline  
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[M] Kittah
I love Jesus <3
Cuntzilla's Avatar
Beta key still available. Make me an offer.
Old 08-25-2008, 11:03 AM Cuntzilla is offline  
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FS: 70 Orc Hunter on a PVP server, haven't played in ages and need money to get books for the fall semester. Gear is pretty basic 4/5 S1 pieces and a few blues here and there. I did get exalted with Netherwing so character does have the drake flying mount, looking for $100 bucks. If interested just send PM.
Old 08-25-2008, 01:46 PM MadDigital is offline  
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Quake 2 > *
Update on Beta Key: $170 or trade for PSP
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Old 08-25-2008, 07:52 PM |RaptoR| is offline  
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Quake 2 > *
Originally Posted by |RaptoR| View Post
Update on Beta Key: $170 or trade for PSP

Beta Key Pending to Holden7
2fe4157e9a857fdc1f2915dcd7a03c36 []
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Bill's Avatar
Originally Posted by Bill View Post

Still selling a WOTLK key. Entertaining ALL offers at this point. Shoot me a PM.
Old 08-26-2008, 12:46 PM Bill is offline  
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