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Escaped Gorilla Genitals
Jim Morrison
Hey, Jim <3 ules, You didn't deserve this because you can't guess numbers but anyways BREAK ON TH
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Originally Posted by matt00926 View Post
The "wall", many of the checkpoints, and intrusion into Gaza by the IDF are because of suicide attacks in the past, smuggling of weapons, border infiltration resulting in attacks, and rockets and mortars fired into Israel. Israel would hardly have any justification among common people, leaders of nations, or any other body, if Palestinians didn't participate in the levels of violence they persist in.
These attacks are because of Israel policies towards Palestinians. If you seriously think the majority of people in the world think Israel is justified in what it's doing you're deeply mistaken, they're only considered justified by a majority in the US and maybe a few European nations.

Originally Posted by matt00926 View Post
These interruptions, however unfortunate, are a result in choosing to attempt or complete violent acts against Israel.
You oppress, steal, murder, and exploit someone and this type of reaction is inevitable. Don't tell the Palestinians to renounce violence when we all know if this was happening to the average person in the US they would be calling for the Jews to be pushed into the sea.
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