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Hai guise... is my GGP prom worthy?
johnnyR's Avatar
FS: Q6600 CPU / OCZ Reaper & Platinum DDR 2 RAM / Thermaltake Blue Orb + AMD AM3 HSFs

Couple of things I'm selling because I upgraded my system.

Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 2.4GHZ LGA 775 - $90 OBO

Thermaltake Blue Orb HSF (comes with mounting hardware for LGA775)- $15 OBO

Brand New! AMD AM3 HSF that came with my new Phenom 1055T - $15

OCZ Reaper Series PC2 8500 DDR2 1066mhz RAM 2x1GB - $35 OBO
(Fast 7.3 on Windows Experience Index!) Timing 5-5-5

OCZ Platinum Edition PC2 6400 DDR 800mhz RAM 2x1GB - $30 OBO
Timing 4-4-4

Located in Toronto, Ontario. Shipping will be actual shipping, probably a few bucks for everything except the HSF.
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Great deal on the processor, I sold a q6700 a couple months ago for $200.
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Sent you a pm with offer
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good price on the Q6600/free bump
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is the ram still available?
not enough content to lurk
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