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oleo's 30 weight loss tips that nobody wants to talk about

well, not really, but i feel like they are often overlooked, so i came up with a consolidated list:

1) abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. put good things into your body, get good results
2) stop eating cheese, it's just fat. eat greek yogurt instead (add fresh fruit or granola to it)
3) stop drinking juice, it's pure sugar. only eat whole fruits
4) eat chipotle salad w/ chicken no cheese & cream, hot & medium sauce, no dressing
5) eat eggs for breakfast, scramble with spinach, mushroom, tomatoes, peppers
6) stop eating cereal, its such a trick. there is no cereal good for you
7) try raw granola on greek yogurt, with coconut flakes, fresh fruit and almonds
8) mary's gone crackers - are the best crackers in the world, only ones you should eat
9) eat thai salad - nom tok, yum woon seen, yum ped, larb gai - all really healthy
10) stop drinking coffee - you will sleep like a baby - drink green tea and water instead
11) eat nuts, but only almonds and walnuts (peanuts and cashews too fatty)
12) stop eating wheat, see how long you can do, try sprouted english muffins
13) cook with olive oil and butter for eggs, i cant live with out butter on my eggs and muffin
14) eat fish at least once a week, get salmon, saute in olive oil and make the skin crispy
15) eat fresh organic cucumbers, smell them, break them open, smell your farts
16) eat berries in berry season ( i love blackberries), eat apples every day in all else
17) try to have at least 1 raw salad every day, with lettuce, carrot, tomato, anything raw
18) remember every meal needs protein, something raw and a fruit and/or veg
19) learn to cook, know everything you put into your body, lots of crap out there
20) stop eating french fries - horrible for you - be a man and bake a potato
21) stop eating 3-4 hours before you go to sleep, you don't run marathons in sleep
22) stop eating huge lunches at work, you don't run marathons while you sit in cubes
23) drink a shit load of water, all day long, tons of water, nothing in the water
24) only eat dark chocolate, and very small amounts, and very infrequently, milk is bad
25) stop putting dressing on salad, only olive oil or lemon/lime, dressing is crap
26) eat an avocado every day, dip carrots into it like its a dip
27) eat hummus every day, good for dipping carrots, cucumber, celery, peppers
28) bake some chicken, make your own tomato sauce, see my thread on that
29) don't snack on crap, it makes you fat, do fruit, handful of nuts, or something
30) quinoa is another main course or side dish you can make, lots of recipes out there

any questions?

probably a lot of disagreements, but this really worked for me. this is for fat people just trying to look normal.

60a920598bfcb40a59f77199f2b7cdaf [y yuo throw haet :( :(] porn may <3's yuo.
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I am the apple of yangachi's eye.
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Pretty solid weightloss advice that should work for almost everybody looking to drop weight. I'm in the process of gaining weight to get strong in powerlifting so I almost do the opposite of all of those

On a side note, long time no see Oleo good to see you're still lurking around
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I've never wanted to gain, but so I don't know much about that.

Good to see you too. Yea, some asshole banned me on here for like 2 years. Then facebook got popular so everyone left. I come back and everyone is gone. It's like I survived an atomic bomb or something.
60a920598bfcb40a59f77199f2b7cdaf [y yuo throw haet :( :(] porn may <3's yuo.
Official [M] E46 Club Member
I am the apple of yangachi's eye.
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Yeah it's dwindling these days but I'm hoping it sticks around because overall I think it's a nice community to be apart of and overall I hate Facebook and most social medias. Sucks someone banned you for 2 years, that must have been a pretty penny out of their pockets.
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Alice Paul
Thousands weight loss tips that have been launched and can take the benefits in all respect therefore it is better for everyone to follow all the tips that have been described above so that to keep the body fit physically by all means.
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