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The next morning after i hooked up with a girl in my building, i went to piss and it fucking came out in like 4 streams and that shit got everywhere.
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Had the same problem for years except when I expose the glans it makes a large vertical stream, so I use the foreskin to guide the stream like a nozzle for a hose, but in the morning that's when I just use the yard because I don't have to worry about what I piss on (normally the bushes).
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im cut so i stretch mine and then make sure the hole is open, sometimes it sticks together after you been sleeping if you spread the hole open that never happens

or you can sit but fuck that.
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[QUOTE=The Unflushable Turd;25485427]Also maybe its because i'm a piece of shit and i don't deserve happiness or whatever balalalal hueuheuhuehueuheuhuehue[/QUOTE]
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pee right after wacking yoursel.
\_.--Senator Date Rape
Grandpa Motors (GM) pussrods and leafsprings
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