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Six Pack Dieting

hey [M],

for those of you who have gotten your body fat percentage low enough to see visible abs, what helped most with your diet? did you find that you had to lower calorie intake, or was shifting the macronutrient balance (ratio of proteins, fats, carbs) effective?

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Cooch (typo)
High Protein + Moderate Carbs on Lift days.

High Protein + Low Carbs + Moderate Fats on rest days (Cardio days)

Quality of food, calorie count, and macronutrient ratio. Those 3 things are needed. And if you're still not losing enough BF, then add more cardio. It made a difference for me because my goal is to gain muscle mass, so on lift days I eat a lot. To reduce the fat build up I added 20-30 mins of cardio AFTER my lifting to burn off the excess carbohydrates/calories that I had stored for my lifts.

I got this idea from Carb Cycling for MMA Fighters
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Cooch (typo)
I think people underestimate how much work a visible 6 pack is. To put it into perspective, competition Bodybuilders take 12 weeks of STRICT dieting to come off their bulk. 3 months. And they know the exact science to getting the results.

Diet and exercise for at least 3 months. At least. Try mixing it up in your training... I'm not sure how you lift or run, but if cutting down is your goal, running and sprints should play a big role in burning the fat.

If you still want to lift weights, you may consider doing morning cardio and evening lifts. Again, I have no idea how your routine is setup.
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cool, thanks for the advice. hopefully i can get my bodyfat taken at the gym tomorrow. they use the bioimpedence method which i've heard is not very good, but at least i can measure it now and measure it again in 6 weeks to see what the change is.

for now i'm just going to try shifting macronutrient ratios and seeing how that works. i'm tracking my food for a week now to see what i usually eat and then i'll adjust, shooting for 30%-30%-40% carb-fat-protein. i feel like i'd have better luck sticking with something regular than trying to do carb cycling, but if i don't see the change i want then i'll have to re-evaluate whether i want to put in the effort to do carb cycling or not.

my routine is 3x a week, alternating A/B:

Squats (2x5, 1x5+)

Handstand tripod hold for 30s (tripod = two hands + head on ground, helps to focus on tightening core to balance);

Free handstand hold for 30s

Dips: 5, 5, 5+ (to failure)

Sauts (2x5, 1x5+)
Front Lever Hold (60s)
Pullups (2x5, 1x5+)
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Read these articles:

In short: Do fast SPRINTS. Preferably in a fasted state or in the morning. More effective when your glucose levels are low.

Save more of your carbs for post-workout and towards the end of the day:
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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
I think people underestimate how much work a visible 6 pack is.

Can't stress that enough. I think the average person would find it very difficult to stay on a diet that keeps your abs visible. For a really well defined six-pack, you are going to be under 10% bodyfat (the really lean guys, who even have some vascularity above their groin, are around 6%), and that is very hard to maintain. That's why a lot of people who are concerned with having visible abs do a "summer cut" where they just diet in preparation for summer and then go on a bulk through the winter months to put on some more muscle.

Also understand that even if you got to the low double-digit or single digit bodyfat percentage, you may not have highly visible abs. Part of that has to do with genetics and where your body stores fat. If you carry a lot of fat on your midsection, you may find that even when you are as lean as you've ever been, you will have more muscle definition everywhere but your abdomen, which is what happens with me.

Just train hard and eat clean and enjoy your results. Don't get too fixated on having abs.
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hey team,

thought i'd give you an update. i've abandoned the six pack quest for now. i'm happy with trying to get closer to a 30/30/40 carb/fat/protein split (drinking protein shakes, eating sandwiches, eating less carbs in general) in my diet, but i'm not obsessed with it.

my main goal for the next 5 months or so will be to keep adding weight to my squat and to progress in my other lifts/skills (weighted pull-ups and dips, front lever and handstand).

i like gaining muscle, and want to focus on doing that. i can start reconsidering losing bodyfat when it gets closer to summer.
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its all about high protein.
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Eat 6 meals per day, every two hours.
Egg whites in the morning with oatmeal. As many greens as you want. Lots of chicken and brown rice.
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