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stuff and things
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F minus
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i think E
Always remember that you are unique. Just like everybody else.
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I beg for somebody to buy me PMO because real life girls don't like me :(
F whee
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Carl Rove
Why do people like you listen to me? You realized everything I say is a load of bullshit?
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F, if it wasn't already obvious.
^ I did not come up with these "original" thoughts; the Devil or one of his imps put these thoughts in my head and I adopted them as my own.

Currently being spied on by ECHELON (Anthrax Terrorist Bomb etc.)

UK Represent
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C - shamanism, hindu, christianity, islam... why limit yourself
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F. "I am an Athiest, meaning that I believe that there is no god and there has never been an afterlife. Just as primative cultures created myths, like Zeus throwing bolts of lightning during thunder storms, I find the concept of an all-knowing god to be a figment of humanity's collective imagination. Religious books are fairy tales in line with Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. They have no merit beyond entertainment."
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This is my Haiku
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Between B and C, but closer to C. Bitches.
The universe could very well have been created 10,000 years ago (or 100 years ago, for that matter). - Mike27
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I'm an E-.

While I don't believe there is a god I'm not willing to rule out the possibility. But for me it goes beyond that in to the realm of whether we have free will. From my schooling and expeience the universe shows itself to be deterministic. If that's so does it mean the we don't have free will and we're all just cogs in this big deterministic machine. That doesn't sit well with me, but I've never seen a convincing argument to prove that's not the case.
All glory to the Hypnotoad!

These are rumors on the internets.
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Her Ghost
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between C and D
[M]anchester Oxford Road Crew [M]ember!
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Come hither Sancho Panza, I have need of my Lance
Updated Count!

A = Traditionally Religious (8)
A - B = Traditional/Moderate (6)
B = Moderately Religious (8)
B - C = Moderate/Spiritual (2)
C = Spiritual Person (7)
C - D = Spiritual/Believer (3)
D = Believer in Something (10)
D - E = Believer/Agnostic (2)
E = Agnotic Outlook (9)
E - F = Agnostic/Atheist (7)
F = Atheist Confirmed (14)
Other (6)

It has become a chart of peaks and valleys with single letter descriptions rising above double letter descriptions. So far there are more atheists in The Pit then others, but not by too much.
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I fuck niggers because I have low self esteem. Love in central america? Help my cunt
A, but I don't believe in condemning those who don't share my particular faith set. Above all, tolerance.
Co-Founder of the [M] Emo Glasses Club
You're like the David Copperfield of WHORES-OWK
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B all the way.
Old 03-25-2005, 11:19 AM  
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Gravity Man
Somewhere between E and F. On one hand, I think the idea of there being a god is completely absurd, but on the other, since it is fundamentally impossible to prove or disprove the existance of a god, I tend to lean towards the side of agnosticism.
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