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I must have angered Thor or Zeus or something...

This week has definitely not been a good one. I don't know what automotive God I pissed, but I must have pissed one.

Monday - driving my A4 to work, come to a stop light in front of an A7 - both of us about to turn right. He creeps forward, I check for cross traffic - in my peripheral vision it appears he took off but he didn't... but I did. Booped him in the bumper - totally my fault, no denying that. Guy is super chill - no harm no foul:

Need a new fender, headlights, maybe bumper if tabs are broken; lots of painting and blending and misc shit - total of about $4,700.

Today I took the same car out to get some body shop estimates; driving on the highway in an isolated carpool lane. Car in front of me drives over what appeared to be a square sturdy piece of plastic which shoots from it's tires and slams right into the drivers side of my car - I had maybe a second to glimpse at before I realized what was happening but had no where to go - center divider 5 feet away, cars on the other side and behind me... so yeah.

Scratches on hood, headlight, fender, door, mirror housing cracked... Thankfully covered by comprehensive this time.
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[QUOTE=BlisterDick;25482810][b]PLZ keep door unlock for roach and spider[/b][/QUOTE]
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Sucks dude, hate it when that happens

This scenario reminds me of something my high school drivers ed instructor drilled into our heads...

When coming to a stoplight or stop sign with the intention of turning right, cross traffic coming from your left is irrelevant if you have a car(s) in front of you. In other words concentrate on what the car in front of you is doing before checking cross traffic...unless of course you don't mind shoving their back bumnper into the front seat.

Yeah, I know most people immediately look for cross traffic instinctively no matter what, I even find myself doing it sometimes.
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[QUOTE=BlisterDick;25482810][b]PLZ keep door unlock for roach and spider[/b][/QUOTE]
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damn dude...


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