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Originally Posted by mainbrotha View Post
So I've been told for a lot of my life I need to cut some pounds. Sure. I'm 5'9" and a I weight in between 225 and 230 most times. I also deadlift over 400 pounds and bench about 300 and can squat about 315. So I've got at least a 1000 pound total in the big lifts. Needless to say I've got some extra weight but i know how to move my muscles too.

So I finally want to drop some pounds this summer and all my friends want to do is drink beer. I try explaining to my dad that I'm not eating certain things that he cooks for dinner because they simply add up calories that I don't need when I want to try and drop a few pounds. He doesn't really get it, but like I said, he's always kind of nagged at me to drop a few pounds. So I'm finally starting to get through to him a little bit, and what do I see on the counter? Yeah. He says to me "oh I bought some fresh doughnuts from the local bakery downtown."

face-fucking-palm. Why does it seem like whenever I try to do something good for myself everything just turns against me like that? I try explaining to my Dad that "hey, I want to lose some pounds, I'm going to eat things that are better for me and I'm going to eat more appropriately." He just comes back "Zach, you can just work off that stuff." I come back, of course, with "no I don't think you understand, I don't want to have to work off extra shit that I'm eating. That's not what a diet is all about."

I don't understand how people think sometimes. Of course, to my friends, if I don't go out and drink every time I go downtown, I'm "being a pussy." I know they're only giving me shit, but still. I'm self-conscious about it, and they don't know what it's like to feel like that.

Seriously, though, dropping down to 200 flat would be nice, but it's hard when shit like this keeps up.
I know how you feel man. I went through that with my friends, always wondering why I wasn't drinking at parties and stuff. Eventually they just accepted that I was having a good time without drinking much, but most people don't want to hear "I don't drink because I don't want to waste the time I spend in the gym." Especially people who know they're out of shape but don't want to workout.

We have the same first name too
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It's probably the best name in the world

But seriously, I don't care about not drinking so much. I like to, as I enjoy a lot of beer, liquor and wine alike. But what gets to me more is that there's not a whole lot for me to do around here besides go to the bar. My hobbies entail pretty much lifting and playing my guitar. I guess i need a job, too. haha.
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girl and i go out for longer than any girl ive ever gone out with

girl and i break up for lack of openness

girl confesses she still has strong feelings for me (3 months later)

girl and i are getting together

and i cant fucking see her for like a week and i'm afraid the same reasons that we broke up are going to surface again this time around

even if things work out, shes moving a thousand miles away in two months

god fucking dammit.
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Okay. I need to clarify something here to my friends, girlfriend and family.

Working from home =/= me being your errand boy. I have an actual office. I get up earlier than all of you every morning and I work later. I make more money than most of you. I pay the mortgage for this house and the home office situated inside of it. Just because I don't commute to an office every day does not mean I'm available to run errands for you and do shit for you throughout the day.

Seriously, I don't want anymore calls during the day: "Hey, can you go to the store for me?" or "Hey, make the marinade for the beef and make sure it's defrosted" or "Can you watch my dog for me today?" or "Can you run to my mailbox for me and see if my check came yet?"

What the fuck? What do you think I do all day?! I work! Just because you have a morning commute does not mean I do anything differently...stop trying to make me your errand bitch just because your boss won't give you a 10 minute break...fuck!
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Kinda sad that I bitched about 5 or so posts back. But I guess it was about a month and a half ago.

I am in fucking limbo. I'm stuck between places I'm going in my life for about a month longer. I really want to find a girl (wahh wahh wahh, I know), but I don't think it's worth the emotional investment if I find myself having to move 1,000 miles away by early august. But I'm sick and tired of the fact that all of my close friends are always spending time with their girlfriends and I'm kicking around doing nothing those nights they're with them. Hate going to bars in town alone. Not my thing. Thought about putting an ad up on cl just to try my luck, but I talk myself out of it real fast, as what I've seen on there is pretty abysmal. I don't exactly know what to do besides wait it out. But I'm really sick of that.
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My roommate is a slut and I am sick of waking up every day to find a new guy's car in our driveway. I get up early for work while she sleeps late and comes home early. She also has no money so at least if she is going to sleep with new guys all the time she should charge them so she could pay our bills!
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The Internet
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I think my marriage is failing and I don't really think I have the ability to fix it. I've become stuck in a rut big time, depression is biting hard on both of us and she refuses to go to any marriage counselling. It seems no matter what I do is good enough and any little thing I do (that she doesn't like) is akin to murdering a puppy. I know she is putting any insecurities she has (which are a lot) onto me so I just seem to be the whipping boy too.

I am here now, at 1am, because it feels like I'm sleeping next to a stranger. I hate my life and I should of listened to everyone when they told me getting married so young was a bad idea (was a LD relationship too, just to add icing to the cake).
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Originally Posted by PrettyInPink View Post
My roommate is a slut and I am sick of waking up every day to find a new guy's car in our driveway. I get up early for work while she sleeps late and comes home early. She also has no money so at least if she is going to sleep with new guys all the time she should charge them so she could pay our bills!

oh and to add to it apparently we're 3+ months past due on the cable/internet bill even though i've paid her my half every month and she has cashed my check every month...she just isn't paying the bills with it...we have 2 days to pay it or the cable is shut off
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My cooter sweats, and reeks like rotting sea vermon.
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My health insurance copays just DOUBLED.

It now cost me $40 to walk into my doctor's office, $60 to walk into a specialists office, and $100 per visit to urgent care.

Of course, that's only a fraction of what I really have to pay because my shit insurance doesn't cover jack.

What a crock of shit. Fuck American healthcare. Fuck it hard and long.

I remember when urgent care was $20. I never understood the bitching and moaning about healthcare back then. Now I do.
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My dog just ate the entire birthday cake my financee made for me. Lousy beast. Hasn't stolen any food for months and he starts now.

And worst of all, he wasn't even thorough, left crumbs all over the place.
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great, my dad has asked for my mailing address for the fourth time in ten months. HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT TO WRITE IT DOWN AND PUT IT ON THE FUCKING FRIDGE? jesus
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fuck cigarettes. why did i even start? the prospect of dying younger than i need to scares me, but by this point, i'd need to go to one of those snooty inpatient nicotine detox facilities just to get over the nicotine withdrawals.

also, fuck being bipolar and having to struggle with it, day in, day out. i take my meds (both of which dull my concentration, and one of which prevents me from crying and contributed to me gaining 30lbs over the course of about four months with no change in diet) at a reasonably regular schedule, yet sometimes i have very, very bad days. they remind me of my nearly year-long psychosis which almost shipwrecked my college career, and contributed to my firebombing my once-close relationship with my parents. i mean, i'm finally doing very well overall and recognize my signs of mania, but when i say i woke up on the wrong side of the bed, i don't just mean that i'm grumpy.

while manic, i've crashed my car high (on coke) and drunk, multiple times; driven drunk on the freeway at excessive speeds with my brights on; ruined an entire wardrobe of nice clothing due to neglect and abuse; racked up a mountain of credit card debt; pissed away a good salary that i could have saved; and said some heartbreaking things to those i cared most about (and who reciprocated). i know these were my choices and my choices alone, but i still had next to no control over my actions and was completely disconnected from reality.

i feel lost. i'm completing my BA soon with a decent GPA, but i somehow managed to my way through without learning a damn thing. it really will be merely a piece of paper for me. playing the system by ting my way through school was my mania-induced mindset, but i guess i at least succeeded at that goal.
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Fuck this god damn economy. Fuck stupid ass energy companies that want to "save money" by shutting down the job when we're 97% done with it, only making them have to start all the way the fuck over when they decide to start the project up again. Good job on wasting 35mil+ for absolutely nothing retards.
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lol dad playing the race card after bank rep said she couldn't hear him because of his shitty cellphone reception. a simple auto loan cosigning turns into an anti-racism crusade. meanwhile, i dont have a car.
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I should have went back to school this year.

I mean, I wouldn't have gone back for the right reasons, but it sucks when everyone is starting class and you're not even getting hours at your job washing dishes.
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