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D. "At the end of the day I believe in something...even if it's just I believe I'll have another beer...
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im a dumbass who posts my bosses credit card number onto the internet for people to abuse
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D but sometimes F as well.
Disclaimer: Any views or opinions presented in this post are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of anyone else.
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C and D.
Every positive value has its weight in negative terms.
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[M] shit-stain, w/ diplomatic immunity
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Mostly D, with minor F leanings, but not your "meaning" of atheist.
old sku gen[m]ay
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Decidedly F.
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This is my Haiku
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Interestingly, since I originally answered this in March of 2005 I have slipped to agnostic/atheist.
The universe could very well have been created 10,000 years ago (or 100 years ago, for that matter). - Mike27
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Originally Posted by :ninja: View Post
Unless there is sufficient evidence to sway me in either direction, the only thing I can do is say "I don't know."

And sometimes that is the only right answer.

I find it perfectly reasonable to assume something doesn't exist if you have no empirical evidence of that thing and plenty of data that points to more simple alternatives. If someone you know fairly well says to you that they have an elephant in their bedroom, based on what you know of this person and their lifestyle, the size of their bedroom, the layout of the house etc you can make a reasonable claim in regard to whether or not they are telling the truth. It is perfectly reasonable for you to say "I don't believe you have an elephant in your bedroom" rather than "I don't know". It's called probability.

Everyone has a touch of agnosticism in them, sure, nobody is 100% sure of anything, but when it comes to God and other supernatural claims there's more than enough reason to lean toward Atheism as a rational position, because it's highly improbable that there is a God. It seems many agnostics assign a probability of a supreme being a 50/50 chance, well you're free to do that if you want, but it means you're ignoring a shit load of empirical data that suggest that the Universe is perfectly functional without invoking an even more complex idea such as God in it.
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Originally Posted by Gonorrherpesyphilis View Post
E - F.

The "F" position is not so much incorrect as it is extremely time-consuming to bother defending. It's like going out of your way to conclusively disprove any random person's whimsical imaginings. Not to say it's impossible to do so, but it's an extreme waste of time, because if you in fact succeed, then the attributes of the object of your disproof will seem to magically transform into something slightly different to evade you, and you will eventually realize you have been wasting your time all along.

You don't have to defend your position if you don't want to. From my perspective it seems like explaining a belief in God is a much more difficult position than someone who disbelieves in God.. the burden of proof is on the theist, not the atheist.
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RSS Whore
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Originally Posted by zakatov View Post
ce374879b91ec12bc821b9e06193edc7 []
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IMO, the bible and all books of prayer are simply really interesting fictional stories. Show me the body of Jesus and maybe I'll believe it...
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oFFaL owns me, please remind me of this every time I post
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Choice F.
"This will be the forum, I'm going to ban everyone who posts today." - IMNobody 3/8/2006 - NEVAR FORGET!
Inter-son of Lard.
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A little bit of D, mostly E, and a little bit of F.

I don't believe in any specific god, or any god really. I believe in doing what's right, and being a good person and all of that, but I don't think I should need any religion to get me to do it. Karma would be a good way to describe it I guess. It's not that I know for a fact that a god doesnt exist, but more that gods shouldn't NEED to exist. People should be able to do the right thing and make good choices WITHOUT a need for a higher being to guide us to being that way.

When it comes down to it, I don't believe in a god, but I wouldn't really care if there was. I'd keep doing what I always do, and wouldn't pay much attention to religion in general.
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Straw Man
And my head I'd be scratchin' while my thoughts were busy hatchin; If I only had a brain......
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I'll change my answer to F all the way.
"dogs came to man to make friends and help us hunt and guard unlike pigs"
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I have no sexual preference.
F all the way.
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