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Couldn't this me merged with a real poll now so that the content of the thread remains in tact and then we have a real representation of the data rather then 2 pages of people posting letters?
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Suicide King
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jesus is my pal, but I don't like going to his house.
sneetch is my justly abused adopted monthly check.
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Come hither Sancho Panza, I have need of my Lance
An Update:

A = Traditionally Religious (18)
A - B = Traditional/Moderate (12)
B = Moderately Religious (34)
B - C = Moderate/Spiritual (8)
C = Spiritual Person (17)
C - D = Spiritual/Believer (8)
D = Believer in Something (22)
D - E = Believer/Agnostic (7)
E = Agnotic Outlook (32)
E - F = Agnostic/Atheist (25)
F = Atheist Confirmed (48)

Other (10)

I am assuming that the majority of posters here are from North America. Having said that I find it interesting that there is a trend of religious extremism amongst us. Most people are either very religious or patently non-religious.
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Ravishing Grimness
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Kiddie Corral Material
What is the difference between E and F?
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F for me

I guess that F would be that you have taken the Blasphemy Challenge or something similar and guaranteed your place in hell if your wrong :-p Personally if the Christians are right I cant wait to charge the gates of Heaven as a soldier of hell
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I get alot of shit for it, but I love being atheist. One kid told me I depressed him because I questioned the existence of God.

Religion is just too illogical, and it gives humans an easy copout when they try to explain this planet we live on and the things we don't know about it (miracle of God!).
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Blueballed fiend
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If I could fvck myself in the ass you bet I would!!!!
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Between E and F
875ca1526520537469635ae27ab6c046 [y yuo throw haet :( :(] porn may <3's yuo.
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Originally Posted by TranquilRed View Post
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Contrary to my previous title I never fucked Inf's mother
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Originally Posted by seanyc123 View Post
What is the difference between E and F?

E= doubt there is a supreme being but there could be one but no religion extent has a hope of a clue of what it is or desires and why we would mean anything more to it than a mum(which has a more complex genetic structure than we do) in a universe it created whit us being in a lesser armpit of an insignifacant galaxy

F= Yeah right/ get off my planet you ignorant tree worshiper, I shit more sentient beings than your pitiful fantasy of god that keeps getting squeezed as the god of the gaps gets hammered by grand canyon sized cliffs meeting at mach 9.
There is nothing to worry about. Legions of wise people with nothing but all of best interests at heart are ensuring our future of love and infinite bliss. Go watch TV :Bflaps
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That's the best answer I see here. God and the afterlife are untestable hypotheses. One cannot make an intelligeble statement about that which is utterly unlike all known things. With out experience of the afterlife it is impossible to draw reasonable conclusions about it. Further, God (defined as a boundless, timeless other-worldly being) is almost too different to really talk about sensibly. What does it mean to exist outside of time, for instance? And since most characteristics of intelligent beings (mercy, love etc.) are human-centric, attempts to discuss God's moral charact almost always involves reifying It. But of course, treating God as a human is logically incoherent since is fundamentally unlike humanity.
All of that is to say, agnosticism is not "choosing not to choose." Instead, it is acknowledging the limits of understanding. As Ludwig Wittgenstein said, "where of one cannot speak, there of one must remain silent."
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Sorry, I was referencing electricsheep's comment on the first page about being non-theist.

By the way, it is logically impossible to disprove anything that is not internally contradictory. For instance, square circles or numbers greater than two that are less than one. Those things are unable to exist by their very definition. Everything else, from unicorns to alchemy can only be shown highly unlikely. If careful observation of the natural world strongly and repeatedly suggests something is untrue, then it is most likely untrue. Virtually all knowledge is of the highly probable sort. Like you assume cause and effect will continue to operate normally, but you have no way of conclusively proving it will. The only exception is knowledge proceeding from pure reason, such as a right triangle cannot be equilateral. So it is logically impossible to disprove God, but it is also impossible to show He must exist. You can argue for either one of course, but are very unlikely to find definitive proof.
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