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I like balloons
Yeah, not trying to compete here, but just another example; a guy at my field got an old unibody phantom (about 9 years old at the time) off some newb. He was fixing it up, and mike hooked him up with a free TPC, o-ring kit, cupseal, and spring kit, for $5. Pretty nice stuff
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Since I continuously bitch when The Queen posts, she is my new av.
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anyone going to the invasion of normandy?
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Where is it again? I've seen pictures of past years and holy shit there are tons of people.

In other news I just picked up a ICD FS8 and I love it!
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Originally Posted by 1st_2_di3 View Post
I had exceptional service from Dye with my first DM4. They sent me entire parts kits for free when I asked for replacement on/off pads (which were known to be a problem in the earlier models). ACI i also had good experiences with.

Also, Bob long has some great customer service. My buddy had some major problems with his alias and he sent it in and got it back in a very timely manner. Not to mention I just love timmy's so I will support bob long til death
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Grammaton Cleric
I'm a raging piece of crap that pirates games and spoils them. I also jerk off to pictures of Taylor
Will a BT Model 98 CAR Stock fit on a 98 custom with ACT?

There seems to be no way to fit the AC Upper Spring into the stock along with the guide pin. Any tips?
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Just picked up....

Proto SLG
Halo B v35
Pure Energy 68/4500
Clamping feed neck
Proto 3+4 pack

Played Saturday and Sunday and had a blast. Got a few more paintball days already lined up too.
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any sport where you shoot at people is ok with me
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Hank Pereg
Going out to play paintball with guys on sunday but 2 of them said they won't come. Does it actually makes sense to play against 1 enemy?
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Bob has some great customer service.
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