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The Goose
Stay in the library. Let the agents spot you, then quickly switch clothes with a similar-looking sympathizer nearby, thus letting them be arrested. After that, run the hell away to scope out the house.
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Originally Posted by Melvin View Post
he turned around and died. /thread

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dhermit sucks in this thread
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I stand by all the misstatements that I've made.
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Incredible thread.
Removing Overt Anger, Desensitisation, and Hatred by Exercising Appropriate Discourse
koala coalition ftw!!!
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Meanwhile in another hyper-undisclosed location......

buy classical music. steal the rest.
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Some government conspiracies shit. Boring.
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Mario raped Peach in her fuzzy spot while twisting and twirling his mustache sexylike
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I <3 d4rkme4t
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Originally Posted by wingedbuttmonkey View Post
dhermit sucks in this thread

Yeah for once we get some killer content and the almost squashed it before it could rise to glory, and then he continues to stink it all up.

Fucking mods

Originally Posted by chuckybob View Post

Not yet
<domisi> i'm not in anyone's sig
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This is truly a ridiculous amount of effort to bring content to teh [M]. Foldering for great justice.
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Sonofabitch, the CIA's sending in Jack Bauer AND Chuck Norris?

>Make mental note, Don't walk down any dark alleys.
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The Internet
Invented by Bob Dole. Get of Bob Dole's internet. Bob Dole Comands it. Bob Dole
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Mario raped Peach in her fuzzy spot while twisting and twirling his mustache sexylike
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One of the best threads on genmay ever.
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someone give these guys a tv deal or something
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Love being anally rapeded with special potion lube. Negroes preferred. PM for details
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Originally Posted by augusttremulous View Post
Do you recognize your father's writing? I know you are hazy on anything between now and 10 years ago, but surely you've seen him write something before?
Also, like ZangMonkey said, the handwriting on the two notes is different. Is there relevance to this?

Jesus, more and more stuff is coming back to me. Like tiny snippets of information. The block capitals on the note, I remember when I was a little kid and my dad called it his "robot writing" and I used to find this hilarious.

The other note at the house was written differently, but I'm wondering if someone else wrote that. If it's really my old house then the government must have been watching it pretty closely. But hey, my dad clearly thinks its safe now and he is someone I can trust. Perhaps the only person I can trust at the moment
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