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Looking for a good, multi-purpose knife

A friend of mine is looking for a knife for her husband... Price range of up to $200. She wants something with a few practical gadgets on it, but nothing as complex as a swiss army or something. So I'm kinda thinking a leatherman-style would be fitting, or at least something with an equivelent amount of gadgets attached... I don't know too much about them though, so does anybody have some suggestions they can throw out there? Thanks guys
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leatherman tools are about as complex as swiss army knives, maybe moreso. what he wants really depends on his needs. is he keeping it on a key ring or only taking it camping? i carry a swiss army manager with my keys and use it all the time for opening letters, writing stuff, opening bottles, unscrewing small screws on various things etc. it's $31.

leatherman wave is good, around $70. it's got a lot more tools than the swiss army knife mentioned above.
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