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Originally Posted by KorruptioN View Post
Pig on gas, not that roomy (relative), drives/handles/stops terribly, etc.

Yea, if its bad on gas and not roomy then it aint for me.

I need something that is really roomy, decent on gas, and smooooooooth. Handling and stopping are not my main concerns when I look for a luxobarge.
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I drive a 95 Range Rover, which is what the D1 is based on and of course spawned the D2.

Any older Land Rover you get (apart from the brand new ones they are making now) are horribly unreliable. I use mine as my DD and it has 205k+ miles on it now, but mine has been babied from the beginning. If you get one, either be good to do repairs on your own, or find an independent Land Rover shop in your area, because the dealership will rape you. Gas mileage will be poor (12-15mpg).

If you go for a DII, avoid the ones with self-leveling rear suspension, or replace them with coil springs if it ever goes bad. It was a good idea but any extra electronics on your Land Rover is just another point of possible failure.

It really is luck of the draw on Land Rovers. Some seem to be more troublesome than others. Parts are somewhat expensive as well. If you go to an independent shop, they probably have a few rovers that they can pick parts off of, which saves you $$.

The best recommendation I can make is: If you like Land Rovers enough that you're willing to put up with them when they break down, go for it. It helps if you like to do your own repair work as well. I love my Range Rover, and when it runs, it's a beast, but I really can't recommend Land Rover products to other people. You just have to be into them to be able to put up with them as well.

If you were to go for any older Land Rovers, the Discovery II is a good choice. D1 would be my next pick. A first generation or second generation Range Rover is prone to breaking down more, mostly because of the air suspension as it is going to fail and you'll want to just swap it out for coil springs, even though it's awesome to be able to adjust suspension height. RR's will be more comfy and luxurious, but less roomy than the Disco. Avoid Freelander. Defenders are awesome, but they are rare in the U.S., and quite expensive because of that. They also have the least amount of electronics, so they are more reliable.

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