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viper 253 hv wiring color

i have a 240sx and a viper 350hv alarm system.i tried googling but i couldnt find the wire diagram for the alarm system. does anyone know where i could find it? that would be appreciated. another question there a way i could extend the signal?
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Contact the manufacturer.
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I used to install DEI products over 5 years ago. I ain't familiar with that model but the colors have never changed in all the time I had done them. This is a install manual for a 320hv, it should be close enough to get you started. The 350HV probably just has a extra channel or something. As far as extending the signal, as long as you have the antenna and it's plugged in that's about as good as you're going to get.
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Bill Brasky
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As for extending the signal, it depends on where the antenna is. In most of my installs, i put the antenna right above the rearview mirror. I never had a customer complain about lock/unlock/alarm distance.
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