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Nothing special. 1988 Pontiac Fiero and my daily driver 1987 Ford Ranger
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Originally Posted by Fear Night






i guess someone just discovered the lense flare filter in photoshop
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Old pic, but oh well. Its a 2005.
Hmm, Nismo forged alloys with 245/275 S-03s (that pic still has lesser tires on the front, they were swapped around 500 miles). Enthusiast, but I had leather seats put in at the dealer (no power/heat, I never use it so why waste weight...), intake, plenum, de-catted with O2 trick, crank pulley, Kenwood Excelon headunit w/ Kenwood speakers (no subs or anything, just drop in replacements), a bit of sound insulation removal, whatever else I forgot.

The car weighs in around 3,030 lbs with a bit (edit: bit as in <= 1/4 tank) of gas in it and is making a good bit of power over the stock car. I'm happy with it.
Oversteer is when the passengers are scared. Understeer is when the driver is scared.
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what a beast
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I toss salad alot like your mom

I see your GTI and I raise you mine

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Ahh, you startin' to piss me off, you piggly li'l sumbitch. Call me!
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JUst bought it today. Wish it didn't snow out, it would've looked a lot cleaner

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Well, now I can post this:

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The DeVille

and the F150

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My newish old man car.

Now with springs!

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Sleeman for mod!
My Dakota:

The DD Daytona: (I didn't take the pic, the previous owner did)
unzip ; strip ; touch ; grep ; finger ; mount ; fsck ; more ; yes ; umount ; sleep
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2002 Lexus IS300 5MT

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