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medical bills
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I'm only getting $613 back.

I have plenty of money though, so I'm not going to do any special purchases because of that huge IRS deposit. I do know a guy that wants to give me a good deal on an ACOG
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Looks like I'll be getting about $1500 back federally; I just spent $600 on ski stuff today, though, and have no particular plans for any more violent toys. I DO still need to build one stripped lower, and get some sort of sights for my M&P15 OR. (Optics ready). I want a pre-ban, though...
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Yay, getting back 2000.
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I'm married to a gay man
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someone else
mine will be going towards my first firearm, as it should coincide with the time that my MA LTC comes in. All indications point to the fact that I will be getting an unrestricted class A LTC.

Probably will get something reliable and cheap to shoot first, something in 9mm most likely. gotta get my ass out to the range and try some things out.
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I guess the folding stock I wanted for my GSG5 would make my gun too short to be legal while folded.

Gotta do some more research.

Old 01-20-2010, 09:57 PM coalesce is offline  
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Glock 27 and an engagement ring.
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Para GI Expert .45, or possibly a Sig GSR, depending on size and whether I get the bonus I'm expecting.
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