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New S&W M&P 15-22 small review with more to be added.

Its gonna be a small review as the damn Bushnell Trophy 1x28 red dot i put on it wasn't internally aligned and it was aiming on an angle upwards and when zeroed at 30' would be 2" high at 40' and so on. I wasted $23 of indoor range time as its cold as hell in Ohio and at least 2.5 hours of eliminating every possible issue that could be affecting the scope.
I swapped rings, Took risers on and off and even shot the gun with iron sights to verify it wasn't doing it. Id say the Bushnell has a rotating drum internally that swaps to 4 different reticles and in the process that was miss aligned.

If you don't know the model its an M4 clone that shoots .22lr and retails for $500 but i picked it up for $419 on sale. Its small and light and most people couldn't tell its not a .223 unless they were up close and know the AR platform well.
Another GunBlast review of it:

It actually is louder than most .22 rifles ive heard and also had enough kick it would move when i would bench fire it by hand. Nothing crazy of course, But it felt like you was shooting something a tad bigger than a .22lr
My first mag was 25 Velociraptors which i didn't take my time loading, Which is highly important since the mag holds 25 rounds and double stacks them, They need pushed fully rearward and then the spring pressure let back up again to seat it with the other rounds. It definitely takes time to load a mag.
That first mag mangled about 4 rounds and i had to pry them out of the mag with a screw driver which made me nervous as hell with rimfire rounds. But once i took my time to do it right i didn't have any more failures, Except a few rounds of that bulk Federal that i swear were only half loaded with powder and sounded like squibs, Usually i have better luck with that brand when i buy it in bulk.

The iron sights are about useless for my 40 year old eyes, But did do ok at 30' when i verified the gun was not the issue with the red dot. They put real nice iron sights on it also, No plastic crap.

Break down and cleaning is easy as a 1911 and im told almost exactly like a real M4 with just 2 pins you push out by hand that separates the lower, Upper and bolt.

As i left the range i decided to go back home and package the red dot up for return and re-evaluated my need of a red dot. At best with a 5MOA dot 50' it is my limit on distance i can shoot effectively, With a 2-3 MOA i was hoping for 75' but from what this red dot showed me id still not get past 50'. So i decided to go to a normal scope so i can shoot from 25' - 100 yards and maybe more.
I only target shoot so no CQC scenarios are ever done. But i will buy a cheapish reflex sight just for quick short range blasting.

The scope i bought is nothing high end, But is pretty darned matched to what i need. Its a BSA 3-9x40 with RBG illuminated dots and is usable as close as 10' I just loose field of view, But that reflex sight will handle that once i get that. I havent been able to shoot it since i got the new scope as im broke and cant afford range fees again until monday, But ill post a further review when i get it sighted in and can see what kind of groups i can get and also its reliability, Wich was perfect after that first mag i didnt load perfectly.

Yes thats my rear sight under the front sight just for storage for now.

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Mr. Greg
I'm obsessed with DHermit
I considered one of those, but went with a straight up AR build with a dedicated .22lr barrel and a .22lr bolt conversion kit. Haven't shot it yet, but she's all built and ready to go, with a .22lr can on the end of the barrel to boot.
Moose's brother.

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Does that magazine have a large line down the side of it that is open to the elements?
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Originally Posted by Trachei View Post
Does that magazine have a large line down the side of it that is open to the elements?
Yes, But it isn't like its a full on Military weapon. The slot holds the pull down pin you use to load the mag. You load it one at a time and make sure its fully seated to the rear and then let the spring decompress and it settles the new round into the double stack position.
If not done correctly you get a mangled live round you have to pry out of the top of the mag which is no fun at all. But do it right there is no issues.
I know it sounds bad, But it doesn't bother me since its reliable once its done correctly. If it was jamming no matter how i loaded it then i would have sent it back for something else.

I really didn't have much use for a powerful center-fire rifle atm so i didn't consider the .223 route first. I sold my S&W .22a 5" pistol with a cheap red dot on it for this so i could hit shit further than 50' and if i was gonna shoot that far i figured a pistol isn't the ideal tool to do it with.

Monday im going to the 75' indoor range as thats the longest indoor range i know and sight the scope in. Im expecting pretty decent groups and ill even pick up a few box's of actual match grade rounds to compare to all the bulk ammo i usually shoot.
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