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silly kalibah why do you rimjob pirates
When will people learn?

My grandma said " Maybe they wouldnt hate us so much if we didnt invade their countries"
the french reporters being kidnapped really helps this argument

The french DIDN'T supply any troops for the war in iraq - and yet their people are being kidnapped because the french dont allow the little muslim scarfs in schools, so the point is that maybe the muslim extremists just hate EVERYONE that isnt muslim.

Im not saying we didnt stir up some shit, but im so tired of hearing the
" Well i coulda told you it was just going to make them hate us"

They are kidnapping even people that weren't involved, it isnt about the US, or the war on terror, or Enduring freedom, this will continue until they make us all muslims!
Old 09-04-2004, 03:12 PM Kalibah is offline  
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The whole thing with the French guys wreaks of google opportunism ....

"Hey Jibijihadi, guess what."
"These two dudes we nabbed are French."
"French eh? From France?"
"F-R-A-N-C-E. Allah bless Google."
"Holy shit, they banned headscarfs."
"Well I think I know 'why' we captured these guys now. >_>"
"This is so illegal. I love it."
Old 09-04-2004, 03:15 PM Wren5 is offline  
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I make Bryant Gumbel look like Malcom X
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yeah the muslims extremists are the A #1 group of fuckheads and psychos on the planet.

They hate us, they hate the russians, the french, the jews, OTHER muslims, they hate India and Hinduism. Fuck, they hate anything thats not part of their own private gang of thugs in the Middle East.
Old 09-04-2004, 03:20 PM khergan is offline  
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