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Originally Posted by Zangmonkey
This is why I you, edplayer. You really do look for the breakdown of *all* unexplored claims, no matter which side of the political spectrum they fall under.


I hope I can inspire others to do the same.
[QUOTE=g|aSsJaw;25381610]0/0 = undefined, it's a vertical line[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=g|aSsJaw;25381666]I'm not going to go back and forth with you about it all night, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about.[/QUOTE]
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Originally Posted by A Ho
i'll shave my nuts so you don't get my pubes lodged in your teeth when you're sucking my balls on election night.

and the dumbest guy didn't beat gore. fewer United States voters wanted bush to be president than gore. bush relied on his goons to finagle the election to make sure he got the electoral vote.

and my sig is the only reason the republican party doesn't have a chance. people who aren't for bush are united against him.

of course you have to resort to a 6th grade insult, since that's all you have backing up your argument. Gore lost, get over it. this mentality is further evidence of why the dems continue to lose. they whined about 2000 through the 2002 election and look what it got them.

if everybody hates bush and is united against him, where is the huge lead JFK should have. hell, after almost a year of continuous attacks in the media, really 3.5 years if we want to be truthful, bush should be losing by a landslide.
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Originally Posted by A Ho
he's the typical conservative flip-flopper

I'll try and explain it a little better for those who can't find a clue with a map.

liberals: "GWB is an idiot"

reality: GWB wins 2000 election.

liberals: "GWB is still an idiot"

reality: GWB helps Repubs make GAINS in 2002 midterms.

liberals: "no really, GWB is an idiot"

reality: GWB is browbeating JFK right now with his own voting record, making JFK look like a fool.

according to liberals, and intellectual elite, GWB is an idiot. An idiot that continues to spell defeat for the Dems at every turn. hence, they are getting beaten by "the dumbest man in the republican party"

again, if thats the case, its a damn good thing the repubs don't run a smart person.
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