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Chromebook? Others?

What do you guys think about those? I'm looking for an internet content viewer like a tablet or a netbook. Been using the iPad for a bit, which is neat as a tiny internet based TV. Not having a cursor just pisses me off though, and it's simply bad for content creation. Good for looking at photos on Eyewitness app or Louvre HD (just discovered this one) and shit like that but not really good for anything else. Maybe as a large PDA (remember those?) I also can't stand the stupid OS in general. It's too simple, like it's meant for children or adults who have never used a PC before.

I can take notes on it by typing in class but I still prefer real keys for heavy typing - an essay for example... also don't want to bring it to school everyday because it's expensive and I tend to throw my stuff around, or leave it on the desk before class starts when i go to get coffee or take a wiz.

So I saw those Samsung Chrome books for $250. I heard the screen isn't as nice BUT it has USB, HDMI and a track pad. If I break it or someone steals it, who cares.

I like the samsung one (Acer has a version for $50 less), with solid state 16gb drive. Larger screen than iPad. Slightly heavier but 1 pound isn't worth mentioning. Laptop format versus tablet wise you need a cover/stand for tablets anyway so I don't mind the hinged lid.

Thoughts? Worth it? What else is out there?
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lollersk8s's Avatar
I need:

-typing, pasting, copying
-light weight
-good battery life
-wi-fi (3/4g not necessary)
-fun/edumacational apps + games when im bored

No photoshop, 3d, etc. I have a desktop for that.
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asus eee netbook
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