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JoePits's Avatar
what should i get for video card for around ~130

I want more fps on bf3 mostly. I think I want to go NVIDIA. I was looking at gtx 650 and gtx 650 "Ti"

but theres so many brands......i cannot choose. i have an msi 5770 now. it has been good to me but i want to go nvidia this time.


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Typhoon43's Avatar
Go EVGA, and go used. Everyone is upgrading for the Holidays so now's the time to score a cheap used card.
I'm the King of Wishful Thinking.....
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edplayer's Avatar
I saw a new GTX 570 for $170 a few days ago on slickdeals but I also think you should look for used. You might be able to get a used 570 for $140 or so (the most I would pay) or a 460 for like $80-90. Not sure if the 460 would be a significant upgrade though (same with the GTX 650/Ti)
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pyramid's Avatar
The 650 is not going to be significantly faster than the 5770.

I would try to get at least a 660 or 660ti otherwise you are just wasting money.


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