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tell me i is retarded and i will just potato
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Originally Posted by MrBill View Post
no it wouldn't have because the cv axles would've bound by then because the redneck driving the truck wouldn't have maintained the vehicle as the cv boots tore apart

live axle = maintenance free
irs = not

You know not what you're talking about. Do you have an IRS car? Or have you ever?

On RWD CVs are maintanance free too, at least presumably. Like my car's life time oils. I say and change mine, so do other people. Guess what you have to do on a stick axle every 50-75k or so if you know what's good for your diff/lsd? More if you track.

Boots.... you're thinking of FWD. My vette didn't have boots for example, at all. In fact it's Dana 44 IRS set up is in no way any less reliable than a stick Dana 44. The boots on my BMW will be the last thing to fail. Why? Because there's no turning at weird off camber angles. It's the rear wheels.

As far as bushing and shit - yes you should replace them.. in theory... but nobody every does. Even IFS drive systems are generally considered reliable. I certainly see more Hondas and corollas than those old ass trucks these days. Now make it so the wheels can't turn... where's the problem? I don't see it IRS is less fragile than IFS and is in every bit as 'reliable' as a stick axle.

More common for a differntial to burn up on either design as a mode of failure than some structural thing to fail.
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did he lock the front hubs and drive it home? ive seen it done on a toyota before. maybe the tow truck was just there to straighten the axle out a bit?
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my rectum bleeds everyday
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i like that truck. well, before the accident.
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Social Misfit
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Originally Posted by CommiePunk View Post
i like that truck. well, before the accident.

Looks like a good, solid working mans truck. No sissy seat warmers or XM radio .
Fuck you Veeborg. Lying ass piece of shit. I hope you die in a fire. Same goes for DHermit.
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Tex Arcana
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